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Services to authors, publishers, and distributors

The ETEXT Archives provides content hosting services to people or organizations seeking to make their documents, periodicals, books, and/or works of fiction available to the public.

The ETEXT Archives does not maintain lists of links to content on other sites. Please do not request that we link to your off-site content. This project is only an archive; it is not a list of links. If you want a link, go to John Labovitz's E-Zine List.

Publishing your materials via the ETEXT Archives yields substantial benefits:

Submitting your content to the archives

What submissions will we reject?

Our submission policies are intentionally lax. Our purpose is not to judge the merit of your content. In order to prevent abuse of our service, and to fulfill our mission, the following rules are applied when evaluating materials for acceptance to the archives:

Acknowledging your sponsor

We encourage authors and publishers who use our service to acknowledge sponsorship by the ETEXT Archives by helping raise awareness of our mission and services. One way that web content publishers can do this is by placing a small graphic and link on web page(s) they serve from our site. Sample HTML is below:
<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="/images/etext.gif" ALT="Sponsored by the ETEXT Archives"
WIDTH="161" HEIGHT="46">
This is the graphic. Making your own is also fine.

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