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(how I looked 1994; my hair is much longer now)

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resume - for math, computers, heavy manual labor
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Read George Washington's Remarkable Vision!
10 things the IRS probably wishes I didn't know
Want to talk math or ask me a math question? Email me!
My genealogy and descent from Adam (almost done!). My dad has a huge tree.
The Little Guy says . . .
Rush Rush Limbaugh called me a kook (I scored 7 on his kook test) - but I'm still a dittohead!
X The speed of light is not a constant! Read the scientific truth about the Creation and the Flood.
Nikola Tesla: the man, the legend, the great genius hacker before his time
Why I'm Smarter Than You (Mz Torgo's page)


Academic's Up!
Political action for those who think as I do
Internet Privacy - Who's watching you and what are you telling them?

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20 yrs old; single & unattached; Christian; melancholy; native Citizen of Indiana; now in Ocala, Florida; just finished my math degree at Florida Tech; know some Latin, & a little Croat & Russian & legalese; radical right-wing/libertarian politics (in case you're a little slow); former brain bowl star; like to watch The Simpsons & The X-Files and listen to Tool, Pearl Jam, & R.E.M.; and rather fond of semicolons.

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