TO:        Joseph E. Lepetich

           P.O. Box 189

           Vineburg 95487

           CALIFORNIA, USA


FROM:      Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

           Private Attorney General


DATE:      January 29, 2001 A.D.


SUBJECT:   Professional Services Performed to Date



Quantity   Description                                 Total


1.0 hr.    initial consultations, 2 @ 30 minutes each

           via telephone                                 n/c


1.5 hrs.   prepare and mail letter + SASE to attorney

           Whittaker, demanding credentials          $112.50


1.5 hrs.   draft NOTICE OF STATUS CHANGE to

           In Propria Persona in Sands case          $112.50


2.0 hrs.   review Sands record provided by Diane

           Genco, in warehouse back office           $150.00


0.5 hrs.   draft letter detailing Sands case options

           and recommending immediate settlement     $ 37.50


1.0 hr.    collect telephone call in re Sands case,

           mediation, and Whittaker “fee generation”

           option(s)                                 $ 75.00


0.25 hr.   discuss Lepetich situation with mediation

           specialist, West Hawaii Medication Services   n/c


3.0 hrs.   miscellaneous correspondence in re Genco

           warehouse situation, grand theft of computer

           and of evidence files                         n/c


                TOTAL AMOUNT DUE:                    $487.50



Our terms are cash, or blank U.S. Postal Money Order, in full payment of Total Amount Due, upon receipt of invoice.


You are now delinquent on payment of our invoice dated March 19, 2000.


Please remit the above Total Amount Due, without further delay, to the mailing address shown below.



Sincerely yours,


/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell


Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Private Attorney General


U.S. Mail:


c/o Forwarding Agent

350 – 30th Street, Suite 444

Oakland 94609



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