TO:        Donald E. Wishart, D.M.D.

           5150 Graves Avenue, Suite 12-C

           San Jose 95129

           CALIFORNIA, USA


FROM:      Paul Andrew Mitchell

       c/o Forwarding Agent at:

           350 – 30th Street, #444

           Oakland 94609

           CALIFORNIA, USA


DATE:      March 7, 2001 A.D.


SUBJECT:   payment for professional services

           rendered and accepted



This is my DEMAND FOR PAYMENT for the following professional services performed for you, and accepted by you, during the period from September 1, 2000 A.D. to October 20, 2000 A.D. (50 calendar days):


Quantity   Description                                Total




    1      first retainer, criminal case            $500.00

    1      second retainer, Whistleblower case      $500.00

7 weeks    litigation @ 40 hours per week

           @ $75.00 per hour (standard rate)     $21,000.00

7 weeks    overtime @ 2 hours per day,

           7 days per week (7:00 a.m. – midnight)      n/c




    1      first retainer                           (500.00) rec’d

1 week     Manago Hotel, Hawaii                     (475.00) paid

    1      air fare, one way Kona to SFO            (300.00) paid

7 weeks    room and board, Cupertino room         (3,000.00) est.

    1      partial payment, October 30, 2000 A.D. (1,200.00) rec’d


                           TOTAL AMOUNT DUE:     $16,525.00



I hereby demand that you remit the above TOTAL AMOUNT DUE payable to the order of Dr. John C. Alden at the mailing address shown above.


My terms are total amount due upon receipt of this DEMAND.


I hereby reserve my Right to charge you with grand theft (see San Jose Police Case Numbers #00-308-0789 and #00-308-0956, 11/01/00).



Sincerely yours,


/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell


Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Private Attorney General


copy:  John C. Alden, M.D., Trustee

       Indigent Eye Care Fund


All Rights Reserved without Prejudice





     Letter to Wishart, October 14, 2000 A.D.


     Letter to Police Officer John Barg, November 4, 2000 A.D.


     First Invoice, December 15, 2000 A.D.


     Second Invoice, December 21, 2000 A.D.


     Third Invoice, January 14, 2001 A.D.