Department of Cognitive Sciences Faculty


William Batchelder, Professor (Ph.D., Stanford University)
Mathematical models of learning and memory, mathematical psychology and measurement

Bruce Berg, Associate Professor (Ph.D., Indiana University)
Psychoacoustics of complex sounds, auditory attention

Myron Braunstein, Professor (Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Visual perception and computer applications

Carol Cicerone, Professor (Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Visual perception and its physiological bases, human color vision and retinal sensitivity regulation

Charles Chubb, Associate Professor (Ph.D., New York University)
Visual perception, psychophysics and neural networks

Barbara Dosher, Professor (Ph.D., University of Oregon)
Memory, information processing, perception

Michael D'Zmura, Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Rochester)
Vision, color, attention, image understanding, virtual reality

Jean-Claude Falmagne, Professor (Ph.D., University of Brussels)
Mathematical behavioral sciences

Gregory Hickok, Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Brandeis University)
Neural organization of language and cognition

Donald Hoffman, Professor (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Human and machine vision, recovery of three-dimensional structure from image motion, visual recognition of objects by their shape

Gavin Huntley-Fenner, Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Infant cognition and language acquisition

Tarow Indow, Professor Emeritus (Ph.D., Keio University)
Mathematical models in visual space and color space, human memory

Geoffrey Iverson, Professor (Ph.D., New York University)
Cognitive science and mathematical models

Mary-Louise Kean, Professor (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Linguistic theory and biological foundations of higher mental processes

R. Duncan Luce, UCI Distinguished Professor (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Mathematical behavioral science; measurement theory, utility theory, response times

Virginia Mann, Professor (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Speech perception and its development, the development of reading ability, development of dyslexia

Louis Narens, Professor (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles)
Measurement, logic and metacognition

George Sperling, UCI Distinguished Professor (Ph.D., Harvard University)
Vision, perception, information processing

W.C. Watt, Professor Emeritus (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania)
Cognitive semiotics

Charles E. (Ted) Wright, Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Motor processing, visual search, handwriting, mathematical behavioral sciences

John. I. Yellott, Jr., Professor and Chair (Ph.D., Stanford University)
Mathematical psychology and visual perception

Adjunct Faculty
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