For Immediate Release                             January 2, 1997
                   Supreme Law Firm Announces
             Habeas Project for Political Prisoners
                      Paul Andrew Mitchell
                       All Rights Reserved
                         (January 1997)
Payson, Arizona.
     The founder  of a  new legal  cooperative -- the Supreme Law
Firm --  today announced a new project to bring their Supreme Law
School into  federal prisons,  for the  benefit of  all political
prisoners.   The Habeas  Project, founder  Paul Mitchell's  brain
child, will  leverage the  growing enrollment  of the  School  to
identify sponsors  who will forward study materials to prisoners,
on a one-on-one basis, and act as mentors and counselors.
     "The incarceration  rate  in  this  country  is  a  national
scandal of  immense proportions," Mitchell stressed.  "The silver
lining is that most political prisoners now have more reading and
study time  than ever  before.   We intend  to restore freedom to
each and  every one  of these  prisoners, by  teaching  them  the
Supreme Law  of the Land."  Paul Mitchell points to former inmate
Alan Stang, who found time in federal prison to write the ground-
breaking book Tax Scam.  Stang was jailed for a "tax crime."
     Mitchell  recently  launched  the  Supreme  Law  School,  an
Internet-based advanced  curriculum for students and advocates of
new developments  in American  Constitutional Law,  as applied to
current state  and federal  cases.   Enrollment in  the School is
pre-paid in increments of one month, with a sponsor credit system
for students who enlist others to enroll as well.
     Students can  "drop-in" or "drop-out" as often as they want.
Credits can be converted to cash or assigned to other projects of
the Supreme  Law Firm.   For  example, credits can be assigned to
purchase postage  for prisoners,  who always  need help  with the
simple expenses of answering mail and filing legal papers.
     "We are looking for generous and conscientious Americans who
will enroll  in the  Supreme Law  School, and then sponsor one or
more political prisoners, whose special needs they will address,"
added Mitchell.   "We  want the  Freedom Movement  in America  to
remember those  who were  swept under  the rug  by  a  cruel  and
unusual regime of star chambers, entrapment, lies, extortion, and
pseudo authorities.   This  regime is  fast approaching a fascist
dictatorship, and  education in  Law is a necessary ingredient to
restoring the  constitutional Republic  which America  was always
designed to be, and to remain."
     More information about the Supreme Law Firm, and the Supreme
Law  School,   can  be  obtained  by  directing  electronic  mail
("email") to Contact Us, or writing to:
                    Paul A. Mitchell
                c/o Lake Union Mail
                    117 East Louisa Street
                    Seattle 98102-3203
                    WASHINGTON STATE, USA

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