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For Immediate Release                           December 27, 1996
                   Supreme Law Firm Announces
                Internet-based Supreme Law School
                      Paul Andrew Mitchell
                       All Rights Reserved
                         (December 1996)
Payson, Arizona.
     The founder  of a  new legal  cooperative -- the Supreme Law
Firm -- today announced the start of their Supreme Law School, an
electronic  curriculum   of  recent   developments  in   American
constitutional law,  and its  applications to  current state  and
federal court  cases.   Paul Andrew  Mitchell, a computer systems
consultant for 25 years and now Counselor at Law, will soon enter
his eighth year of intensive research and developments in renewed
systems of law, based upon the Constitution for the United States
of America and its lawful amendments ("U.S. Constitution").
     The curriculum of the Supreme Law School will pivot upon the
Supremacy Clause,  a provision  in the  U.S.  Constitution  which
renders all  federal laws, treaties, and the Constitution itself,
the supreme  Law of  the Land.  This supreme law is so important,
that the various constitutions of the several states of the Union
all recognize  the U.S.  Constitution  as  the  superior  guiding
principle to guarantee freedom to Americans, forever.
     Subscribers are  required to  have an Internet computer with
electronic mail  ("email") software  compatible with  the  Eudora
email package,  published by  the  Eudora  Division  of  QUALCOMM
Incorporated, 6455  Lusk  Blvd.,  San  Diego,  California  state.
Information Week  magazine wrote  that "Eudora Pro 3.0 ... sets a
new standard  for e-mail  client flexibility  and ease  of  use."
Network Computing  magazine  wrote  that  "Eudora  Pro  3.0  will
continue to dominate the mail client niche of network computing."
Email software  is compatible  with Eudora  if it can detect file
transmit codes automatically (BinHex, MIME, Uuencode).  Users can
visit the  Eudora Web  site  at  to
download Eudora  Pro 3.0  and use  it FREE  for 30  days.   Email
inquiries  should  be  directed to EUDORA-SALESPCW612@EUDORA.COM,
or just  call telephone  1-800-2-EUDORA, extension 86090, and ask
for sales or tech support.  URL: is the
Web site address for the Supreme Law Firm, Library, and Seminars.
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                        Registration Form
               Supreme Law School:  Internet Group
Name: ___________________________________________________________
USPS address c/o ________________________________________________
Email address:   ________________________________________________
Tel/Fax Numbers: ________________________________________________
Comments etc.    ________________________________________________
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                      Subscriber Agreement
The Undersigned  ("Subscriber") honors all copy rights and hereby
agrees to  refrain at  all  times  from  making,  or  forwarding,
electronic copies  of Supreme  Law  School  email  to  any  other
computer  users,   unless  those   users  are   already   current
subscribers to  the Supreme Law School: Internet Group.  The sole
exception applies  to this  press release  and subscription form.
Subscriber  agrees  to  pay  renewal  fees  without  notice,  and
consents to automatic expiration, if renewal fees are not paid in
advance of the current expiration date.  Subscriber agrees to pay
all subscription  fees in  blank U.S.  Postal Money Orders, and a
50% handling  penalty for  submitting all other forms of payment.
Subscriber agrees to direct all payments, insured as needed, to:
                  Paul A. Mitchell
              c/o Lake Union Mail
                  117 East Louisa Street
                  Seattle 98102-3203
                  WASHINGTON STATE, USA
until further notice.  We will see you on the Internet!
                                                    mm   dd   yy
Signature: __________________________________ Date:____/____/____
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