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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                           December 19, 1997

                     Paul Mitchell Calls for
                  Nationwide Civil Disobedience
                 by All U.S. Military Personnel

AUSTIN, TEXAS.  Paul Mitchell, Counselor at Law, Federal Witness,
Candidate for Congress, and Private Attorney General in the cases
of People  v. United  States et al., today called upon all United
States  military   personnel  to   consider   non-violent   civil
disobedience in the face of the anthrax inoculation being planned
by the Secretary of Defense.

     In a brief but tightly worded NOTICE AND DEMAND TO CEASE AND
DESIST, Mitchell  gave the Secretary of Defense until midnight on
the  night   of  Sunday,  December  21,  1997,  to  announce  the
Pentagon's  commitment   to  suspend   any  and  all  such  plans

     The evidence  now published in "The Rockefeller Report," and
in the  testimony of U.S. Senator Don Reigle before a U.S. Senate
Subcommittee,  in   addition  to   numerous  other  authoritative
documents, provides  overwhelming proof of criminal negligence by
the  Pentagon,   in  their  administration  of  "investigational"
vaccines on American GI's, covering a period of 50 years.

     The tragic  outcome of  similar vaccines  given to  American
soldiers destined  for the  war with  Iraq, has alarmed concerned
Citizens all across America, including experienced constitutional
experts, veterans  now suffering  from the syndrome of illnesses,
other legal  and medical  specialists, and  forensic pathologists
who have studied the Gulf War Syndrome ("GWS"), as it is commonly
called today.

     In particular,  the Veterans  Administration ("VA") does not
appear to  have developed  any effective  treatments for what has
become a  highly contagious  epidemic  of  numerous  interrelated
symptoms.   Many affected  veterans have  come away from the VA's
facilities both  frustrated, and  convinced that  these hospitals
have been  secretly ordered  merely to measure the spread of GWS,
but to do nothing else to stop its advance into the population at

     One anonymous  activist has  even concluded that the tainted
vaccine shot  into Iraq  War veterans,  was simply  a first-round
test, from  which a  concerted and  covert conspiracy has learned
what they  wanted to  know, and  now intends  to administer a new
carcinogenic and neurotoxic disease that is contagious, virulent,
and most probably fatal, albeit slowly.

     Carcinogens are cancer-causing substances.  Neurotoxicity is
the medical  term for  that attribute  of chemicals  which  cause
irreparable damage to the human central nervous system, including
essential, autonomous brain functions.

     Such a  tainted vaccine  could permanently disable more than
half of  the 1.5  million men and women currently enlisted in the
U.S. Armed Forces, both active and inactive.

     In related  developments, a concerted research effort is now
underway to  confirm allegations,  made on  a  private  videotape
several years  ago, that  the U.S.  Federal Court  of Claims  has
added a huge number of amendments to that Court's local rules, in
anticipation of  a massive  increase in  the number  of  wrongful
death claims resulting from an unspecified government inoculation
program.   One lawyer  on that tape even took note that the rules
were printed on thin, onion-skin paper, in order to prevent their
volume from being conspicuous.

     Mitchell is  now planning  to bring  an emergency  action to
that Court,  for compelled  discovery of  those rules  and for  a
permanent injunction  against the Pentagon, in order to buy time,
and to  raise public  awareness of the massive biological damages
which could  result from  inoculating all U.S. military personnel
with another  tainted vaccine.   The U.S. Federal Court of Claims
is not  well known  to the  American  Public,  even  among  legal

     Mitchell is  asking  all  families  of  the  men  and  women
currently enlisted in the U.S. Military, to take a close and hard
look at  the massive  amount of information already published and
available on  the  Internet,  before  allowing  the  Pentagon  to
inoculate those  personnel with  an anthrax  vaccine that  may be
tainted, deliberately.   The  Internet is  a worldwide network of
interconnected computers  that are  so easy to use, even children
are now becoming proficient Internet "surfers."

     Mitchell is also planning a proposal to all manufacturers of
contact lense solutions, to donate huge supplies of saline to the
Post Exchanges  ("PX") at all military bases, in order to provide
local  military   authorities  with   an  alternative,  innocuous
"protest" serum.

     Given the  seemingly endless  chain of  corruptions  issuing
from the  White House in recent years, Mitchell is confident that
American military personnel, both officers and subordinates, will
oppose the  President and  the Cabinet  on this  vastly important
issue, and  inject saline instead of a highly suspicious vaccine,
made "necessary"  only  by  political  motives  that  are  highly
questionable and  demonstrably treasonous.   Congress has enacted
severe penalties  for violating  the prohibition against treason;
one of those penalties is death.  Paul Mitchell is opposed to the
death penalty, however, on religious grounds.

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