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For Immediate Release November 4, 1996

The Kick-Back Racket:

Performance Management and

Recognition System


Paul Andrew Mitchell

All Rights Reserved

(October 1996)

It is becoming increasing apparent, in large part because of a conspiracy of silence which has descended upon the District of Columbia in recent months, that President Clinton has a lot of explaining to do, in quite a few executive departments. One of the best suppressed stories of his administration thus far is evidence of White House kick-backs from the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") for each and every indictment issued by federal grand juries against "illegal tax protestors," whatever they are.

The term itself is an oxymoron, because protest has never been illegal in America. Protest is even recognized by the federal government's precious Uniform Commercial Code for repudiating presentments in a lawful manner. So, for the phrase "illegal tax protestor" to withstand the obvious constitutional challenge (yes, the First Amendment is still the supreme Law in America), the adjective "illegal" must modify the noun "tax." This is a telling admission on the part of our vaulted Congress of what many Americans have known for a long time, namely, the federal income tax is a total and utter fraud, from stem to stern. Our Ship of State is a sieve at sea that's riddled with loop-holes and sinking fast.

What makes this term even more obnoxious is the way in which the IRS now attacks American "rebels" who dare to learn and speak the truth. A key page from the Internal Revenue Manual ("IRM") clearly shows that the President routinely receives $35,000 from the Performance Management and Recognition System ("PMRS"). We have a political prisoner in federal custody right now who is prepared to testify that the President receives this sum each and every time a federal grand jury issues an indictment against any illegal tax protestor ("ITP"). U.S. Attorneys receive a mere $25,000 per indictment of ITP's.

Now, if the Department of Justice ("DOJ") has a secret task force in place to attack ITP's who've become organized, like the former Pilot Connection Society which has been reported to have over 5,000 members, the President stands to rake in a tidy sum if his hench-persons in the DOJ succeed in bringing grand jury indictments against all 5,000. Let's see, 5,000 times $35,000 equals $175,000,000. The bad news for President Clinton is that the IRM provides absolutely no authority for these "performance recognition rewards" (read "kick-backs"). Courts have consistently ruled that the IRM has no more authority than a pizza recipe, when it comes to authorizing salaries and other compensation for federal government employees. Federal employee salaries must be determined by Acts of Congress, and the IRM is a far cry from that high standard of law.

Furthermore, the Constitution forbids the President from receiving any other "emoluments" during his term of office. See Article II, Section 1, Clause 7: "... he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them." A FOIA request by this author for all PMRS records produced an admission, on Treasury Department letterhead, that some records do not exist because the rewards were paid in cash. This is bad enough. But, when you couple these kick-backs with the perjury racket now rampant within the Department of Just US, and with a grand jury system which badly needs either complete overhaul or abolition, you quickly find that the indictments issuing from federal grand juries, for alleged violations of the Internal Revenue Code, are really threats, engineered by the biggest extortion racket this planet has ever seen. Jury tampering, perjury, and obstruction of justice are terms which do a far better job of describing what is really going on.

In one recent grand jury case, involving a subpoena for certain books and records, a federal judge in Arizona conspired with the Assistant U.S. Attorney ("AUSA") to commit 27 counts of mail fraud, 27 counts of jury tampering, 27 counts of obstruction of justice, and 27 counts of conspiracy to commit all of the above. When a formal request was submitted to that grand jury to investigate probable violations of federal law by the AUSA, the judge intercepted this certified request, and all subsequent pleadings which were then directed to the grand jury by Counsel in order to keep them informed of what was really going on. These pleadings contained crucial evidence -- you guessed it -- of the PMRS kick-back racket, and of a pattern of pathological lying by the AUSA dating back to a $4,797 fine imposed on him for repeatedly lying to a federal court in Phoenix. This was unprecedented for federal courts who almost never eat their own.

Last but not least, the evidence is now overwhelming that the law which Congress enacted to qualify and convene all juries, both grand and trial, is horribly defective for exhibiting obvious class bias against state Citizens who are not also federal citizens. The courts have consistently ruled that Americans can be state Citizens without also being federal citizens, whether or not the federal government's precious Fourteenth Amendment was properly approved and adopted (and we now know that it was not). Unfortunately for Congress, this class discrimination in the Jury Selection and Service Act, Title 28 United States Code Sections 1861 thru 1865, invalidates each and every federal grand jury indictment, and each and every federal trial jury verdict, ever since the end of the Civil War.

The United States is now in very deep trouble for putting so many Americans in federal prisons, with absolutely no lawful authority whatsoever to do so. Couple that with the fact that the U.S. incarceration rate is twice as high as it is in South Africa, which is second world-wide in prisoners per capita.

Do you think maybe that the federal government may be running an extortion racket here, just for money? I think so. I know so. I can prove it. I am appalled.

Common Law Copyright

Paul Andrew Mitchell

Counselor at Law, federal witness

and Citizen of Arizona state

All Rights Reserved Without Prejudice

November 4, 1996

# # #

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