Seminar Outline




Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Counselor at Law, Federal Witness

and Private Attorney General


All Rights Reserved

without Prejudice





     ·  12 years of court activism completed


     ·  Classic book cited by U.S. Supreme Court


     ·  Nationwide research explosion spawned


     ·  Supreme Law Library created and maintained


     ·  “The Road to Tucson” and other miracles


·         Cracking Title 28, United States Code



Case Highlights


     USA v. Vroman (1991)

     People v. Boxer (1992)

     U.S. v. Lopez (1995)

     Hawks v. County of Butte (1995)

     Arizona v. Taylor (1996)

     In Re Grand Jury Subpoena (1996)

     USA v. Wallen (1996)

     People v. United States (1996)

     Swan v. Ulan (1997)

     USA v. Pixley (1997)

     Kleinpaste v. United States et al.

     USA v. Gilbertson (1997)

     The Lawless Rehnquist” (1997)

     Mitchell v. Nordbrock (1997)

     Mitchell v. City of San Marcos et al. (1998)

     USA v. Wishart (2000)

     George W. Bush v. Palm Beach Canvassing Board (2000)

     Mitchell v. AOL Time Warner et al. (2001)

     Letter to President Bush, in re: Saving Social Security

     USA v. Microsoft Corporation (2001)

     USA v. Makarian (2001)

     Meredith et al. v. Erath et al. (2002)

     People ex rel. Bybee v. Erath et al. (2002)



USA v. Vroman (1991)


     First client:  a former California State judge

     Defeated felony tax evasion charges

     Exposed no IRS central/field organization, Federal Register

     Exposed missing filing requirement, via demurrer


People v. Boxer (1992)


     Defeated 16th amendment in California Supreme Court

     Boxer’s silence activated estoppel, evidence of fraud

     Documented equitable nature of Oaths of Office


U.S. v. Lopez (1995)


     Justice Anthony Kennedy uses “federal zone

       as a household word in concurring opinion

     major re-evaluation of Commerce Clause


Hawks v. County of Butte (1995)


     First U.S. Supreme Court case

     Challenged doctrine of judicial immunity

     Learned about Internet and email lists

     First exposure to Human Rights Treaties

     Discovered Internet copyright infringement


Arizona v. Taylor (1996)


     Child kidnap racket investigated: 2,500 missing children

     Links to Belgium and “The Franklin Coverup,” Nebraska

     Tucson Int’l Airport and Red China implicated

     Black market in America for live human organs

     20/20 television coverage, other evidence


In Re Grand Jury Subpoena (1996)


     Appointed Vice President for Legal Affairs

     Court granted leave to represent Trust

     Routed IRS agent, 2 DOJ attorneys

     Major research progress on several fronts, e.g. FOIA

     Admitted evidence of “The Kick-Back Racket” in IRM

     First procedural challenge to Jury Selection Act

     Judge admitted obstructing correspondence to grand jury

     Judge’s ORDER leaks admission of 2nd district court

     Complaint of felony federal offenses against 2 judges

     Supreme Law Library started, e.g. Citizen’s Guide to FOIA/PA


USA v. Wallen (1996)


     2nd challenge to Jury Selection and Service Act

     FOIA forced question of federal criminal jurisdiction

     Discovered 2 classes of federal district courts

     Removal procedure and Petition for Warrant of Removal

     Selected supervisory judge on 9th Circuit, 18 U.S.C. 4

     Judge ordered removal procedure docketed at 9th Circuit

     12 threats against my life (in my living room)


People v. United States (1996)


     Private Attorney General on behalf of People of USA

     Moral “high ground” for Schweitzer cases, Montana

     Major test of DCUS v. USDC thesis, S.Ct. case law

     Conceived DOJ racketeering theory, 18 U.S.C. 1961 et seq.

     Retaliation escalates


Swan v. Ulan (1997)


     DOJ racketeering confirmed in AFFIDAVIT

     Formal Offer to Prove Racketeering (RICO)

     Fifth Amendment violation in Schweitzer methodology

     More retaliation


USA v. Pixley (1997)


     Client imprisoned for importing cancer cure from Canada

     Court issued Gag order in re: compound 714X

     Confirmed lack of regs for federal Jury Selection Act

     Invoked administrative procedure to promulgate reg’s

     Medical conspiracy confirmed (“Every Body Needs Milk”)


Kleinpaste v. United States et al.


     Discovered DOJ’s missing Power of Attorney

     Perfected pleadings to force the question

     Confirmed that client was infringing book copyright


USA v. Gilbertson (1997)


     3nd challenge to Jury Selection and Service Act

     OPENING BRIEF to 8th Circuit:  50-page “masterpiece”

     7 major points fully developed (itemize)

     Only one typographical mistake found (to date)

     Loophole confirmed in the Guarantee Clause

     Obstruction/extortion by jailers and agents unknown

     People’s Application for Intervention of Right

     Recent 8th Circuit ruling overturns UNPUBLISHED rule

     Mandamus to compel ruling on People’s intervention

     Constitution binds D.C. and all federal Territories!!!


The Lawless Rehnquist” (1997)


     2 MAJOR mistakes by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist

     ·  no provision to declare Acts of Congress unconstitutional

        (see Marbury v. Madison)

     ·  federal judges should be punished for tax evasion

        (in re: impeachment trial of Samuel Chase in 1801)

     Major admission: all federal judges now pay taxes on pay

     Focus on specious Downes Doctrine from Downes v. Bidwell


Mitchell v. Nordbrock (1997)


     Won jury verdict against embezzler accountant & wife

     Losing attorney stopped payment on check ($3,000+)

     Bank fraud/mail fraud complaint against losing attorney

     Retaliation escalates


Mitchell v. City of San Marcos et al. (1998)


     Retaliation escalates further

     Denied phone, electricity & arrested for no SSN

     Assaulted by 4-time felon, hospitalized in ER at CTMC

     Exposed Social Security as municipal law

     Formally argued Human Rights Treaties, State jurisdiction

     Commenced systematic copyright enforcement at SWT


USA v. Wishart (2000)


     Federal U.C.C. is municipal law (December 1963, JFK legend)


     Accommodation provisions may violate 5th Amendment


     First COMPLAINT severs DOJ power of attorney for IRS

     ·  5 U.S.C. 551 excludes “governments of the territories”


     IRS domicile in Puerto Rico is further confirmed


     First Circuit reveals 2nd Secretary of the Treasury:

     ·  Used Tire Int’l, Inc. v. Manual Diaz-Saldana


     U.S. Supreme Court confirms no organic Act for IRS!

     ·  Chrysler Corp. v. Brown, footnote 23


     Second COMPLAINT sought:

·  to freeze all IRS assets, pending final judgment

·  injunction to force deposits into Treasury of the U.S.

·  conspiracy to engage in pattern of racketeering activity


     More retaliation:  no pay, lost housing, theft of belongings


George W. Bush v. Palm Beach Canvassing Board (November 2000)


     Political move against V.P. Albert Gore


     Clarified 2 classes of citizens and related fraud:

     ·  Citizen of the United States = State Citizen

     ·  citizen of the United States = federal citizen


     Federal citizenship is a “municipal franchise

·  domiciled in the District of Columbia since 1866

·  Congress keeps profits from exercising the “franchise”


     Dispositive cases discovered and cited:

Pannill v. Roanoke, Murphy v. Ramsey, many others


     Federal citizens were not even contemplated when

     organic U.S. Constitution was first ratified


Mitchell v. AOL Time Warner et al. (2001)


     The Federal Zone” shareware stolen and modified

     88+ months of copyright violations on Internet

     6 million copies estimated @ $25.00, actual damages

     88+ months of Lanham Act Violations, triple damages

     200+ Internet domains implicated, AOL the kingpin

     20 major universities implicated (CalTech, Stanford, UCI)

     COMPLAINT sits atop 400 MB integrated hypertext database

     Civil RICO COUNT SIX being researched/considered


Saving Social Security


     letter to President George W. Bush

     collection of Social Security evidence


USA v. Microsoft Corporation


     important test of Article III


USA v. Makarian


     successful test of Article III


Meredith et al. v. Erath et al. and Cross-Appeal


     intervention by the United States ex rel. Paul Mitchell

     MOTIONS for preliminary injunction and to freeze IRS assets


People ex rel. Bybee et al. v. Erath et al.


     APPLICATION for ORDER Dissolving the IRS



Major Lessons:


     There are 2 Classes of Citizens

     ·  Citizens of the United States, aka State Citizens

     ·  citizens of the United States, aka federal citizens

     ·  those qualified to make federal Laws are not eligible

   to vote or serve on any juries, State or federal

     ·  those eligible to vote and serve on State & federal juries

        are not qualified to make any federal Laws

     ·  separate and unequal treatment violates Guarantee Clause

        and Principle of Equal Protection

     ·  second Privileges and Immunities Clause in so-called

        14th amendment is undeniable confirmation of 2 classes


     The term “United States” has 3 legal meanings:

     ·  confirmed by Supreme Court in Hooven & Allison v. Evatt

     ·  correctly cited in Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition

     ·  definition removed in Black’s Law Dictionary, 7th Edition!

     ·  2nd meaning is the municipal jurisdiction of Congress


     Fourteenth and Sixteenth “amendments” were never ratified

     ·  Oaths of Office implicate exact provisions in Constitution

     ·  People v. Boxer, Dyett v. Turner etc. can be cited

     ·  validity of public debt CAN be questioned

     ·  “subject to the jurisdiction of the United States” means

        “subject to the municipal jurisdiction of Congress”


     U.S. Constitution binds D.C. and U.S. Territories

     ·  expressly extended by Acts of Congress in 1871 and 1873

     ·  Downes Doctrine is specious (see “The Federal Zone”)

     ·  federal citizenship is a municipal franchise

     ·  2 classes violate Principle of Equal Protection

     ·  6th Amendment binds federal municipal law too


     IRS must be dismantled and IRC repealed in toto

     ·  Date Certain Tax Code Replacement Act, 4/13/2000:

     ·  Code is “overly complex” --> void for vagueness

     ·  Code cannot be justly administered or enforced

     ·  Grace Commission under Reagan leaked MAJOR ADMISSION:


   Federal income taxes are not paying for any federal

   government services!!!


     FOIA is a most powerful tool

     ·  start with Freedom, the first letter in “FOIA”

     ·  request and appeal letters are the only requisites

     ·  administrative remedies are exhausted in 30 working days

     ·  DCUS is the federal court of original jurisdiction:

           5 U.S.C. 552(a)(4)(B), 18 U.S.C. 3231, many others

     ·  typical use is a request for all statutes which create

        a specific liability for taxes imposed by IRC subtitle A

     ·  relevance and materiality need not be demonstrated

     ·  typical MOTION is for stay of proceedings,

        pending formal discovery under FOIA


     Article III DCUS needs to be restored fully

     ·  Treaties guarantee courts of competent jurisdiction

         and qualified judicial officers

     ·  Statutes granting original jurisdiction must be

         strictly construed, per 9th Amendment

     ·  Supremacy Clause mirrors 3:2:1 and 28 U.S.C. 1331

     ·  Ex post facto bar prevents re-definitions before 1948

     ·  Sherman Anti-Trust Act and Microsoft case


     Codes Re-defining “State”, “United States” unconstitutional

     ·  Eisner v. Macomber prohibits Congress from re-defining

         any term found in the U.S. Constitution

     ·  terms “State” and “United States” figure prominently

     ·  Guarantee Clause should become major litigation focus



The Future:


     Finish Mandamus for People to intervene in Gilbertson:


     ·  IRC is unconstitutional for violating Sixth Amendment

     ·  Jury Selection and Service Act is unconstitutional

         for exhibiting discrimination against State Citizens

     ·  voter registration affidavits are likewise fraudulent

     ·  Convene 3-judge DCUS panel to hear all major questions


     Pursue Major Life Goals:


     ·  Dismantle IRS, repeal IRC and income taxes

     ·  Litigate Mitchell v. AOL Time Warner et al.

     ·  Campaign for seat in U.S. House of Representatives

     ·  Found and build the Supreme Law College, California

     ·  Produce & distribute 3-part film of “The Federal Zone

     ·  Establish humanitarian trusts

         e.g. indigent “EyeCare” fund, The Building Trust,

         Cooler Building Concepts, favorite charities