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Present                  Inventor and Utility Patent Holder:  high-speed solid-state data storage technologies


Inventor and Utility Patent Holder :  exploited extensive knowledge of data storage technologies to conceive 2 families of high-speed solid-state storage devices, utilizing high-density RAM, 6G standards and proprietary PCB layouts;  filed four (4) provisional patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C.


Published author:  Technical Review and Evaluation of RamDisk Plus Software,” October 1, 2009 (cf.;  re-published at


Published author:  2 more articles proposing enhancements to industry standard SATA/6G protocol, and over-clocking SATA/SAS data storage channels (see Education Summary below for more details)


Winter 2010          Instructor, “Computer Design & Assembly”:  ASUW Experimental College, Winter Quarter 2010, Seattle campus


                              Experimental College Instructor :  designed and delivered innovative new curriculum entitled “Computer Design & Assembly” for ASUW Experimental College at the University of Washington, Seattle campus;  acquired used and discarded PCs for “hands-on” experience disassembling Dell, Compaq and Gateway Pentium 3 PCs;  class was held on schedule of 10 consecutive weekends


2002 to 2009         Volunteer Criminal Investigator, U.S. Coast Guard Investigations:  San Diego Harbor, California:  Pentagon crash reconstruction, 9/11/2001


                              Pro Bono Criminal Investigator :  assisted U.S. Coast Guard Investigations at San Diego Harbor with 9/11 follow-up for 7 years, with emphasis on positive identification of Pentagon murder weapons, using computer graphics software to catalog and analyze forensic digital photos, and modus operandi of foreign nationals suspected of smuggling explosives near U.S. Navy Base at Coronado Island;  also reported informant’s details of location & amount of fissionable materials to San Diego County specialists in Hazardous Materials (“HazMat”), U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy;  confirmed presence of nuclear weapons bunker in carrier USS Midway;  contacted IAEA and Interpol with evidence and requests for witness depositions

1996 to Present     Founder, Internet Webmaster, and Distance Learning Specialist:  Supreme Law Library (SLL), School (SLS), and Publishers (SLP)


                              Internet Website Developer for law firm and law school :  inventor, manager, designer, and file development programmer for Supreme Law Library of court pleadings and related exhibits, to speed public access to all documents filed in state and federal courts, in numerous states;  designed, built, upgraded and maintained Gigabit LAN with 5 custom high-performance Intel workstations;  wrote a batch sequence for automating HTML edits to text, preformatted to fit uniform file format, and a QBASIC program to structure a large e-mail archive into HTML indexed directories.


                              Counsellor (cf. Bouvier's), Federal Witness, Private Attorney General : performed extensive judicial activism and expert testimony on behalf of victims of criminal rackets perpetrated by IRS and U.S. Department of Justice;  Vice President for Legal Affairs in defense of Arizona trust, in major confrontation over federal tax policies;  qualified Federal Witness under federal criminal Code at 18 U.S.C. 4, 1512, 1513;  conceived and litigated People v. United States in Billings, Montana;  litigated 70+ State and Federal cases, all published in the Supreme Law Library on the Internet


1982 to 1991         Founder and Systems Development Consultant:  Mitchell Associates, Inc., San Rafael, California


                              Systems Development Consultant for investment bank :  senior programmer of interactive dial-in package for lending securities to investment brokers worldwide;  coded and tested the complete system on a large WAN of Prime super minicomputers, including custom run-time libraries;  wrote and documented numerous database tasks, such as a RAM disk cache prototype, portfolio database reformatting, and a CHECKOUT utility for software quality control and code library management


                              Software Development and Marketing Consultant :  wrote and sold high-performance system software for Prime super minicomputers, including robust system accounting, input-output accelerator library, 4GL database concurrency management, and systems & applications performance optimizations;  also founded and hosted an annual trade show of Prime compatible hardware/software/services;  on-call consultant to network users at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California e.g. to assist in debugging large structural design software for testing submarine hull integrity under extreme PSI deep-sea environments


                              Systems Optimization Consultant :  advised commercial, academic, and government organizations on cost-effective techniques for improving Prime systems throughput;  developed and applied a unique economic model of page-fault efficiencies on systems with insufficient RAM;  also delivered technical papers to Prime Users Group ("PUG") conferences annually;  required frequent exposure to system-wide shared virtual memory environment e.g. building and installing shared run-time libraries, optimal use of memory when switching between interactive daytime and batch nighttime modes

1979 to 1982         Director of Computing and Systems Development:  Systems Applications, Inc., San Rafael, California


Director of Computing :  small environmental engineering firm with unique dynamic model of air basin pollutant chemistry;  trained 45 Ph.D.-level scientists in PRIMOS operating system;  converted data and source Fortran files from CDC and IBM mainframes to Prime minicomputer;  installed revision updates;  conceived and programmed a HELP database;  managed the development of a project accounting application using a 4GL relational database package


1978 to 1979         Systems Analyst and Customer Training Specialist:  Prime Computer, Inc., Palo Alto, California and Natick, Massachusetts


                              Systems Analyst :  district sales office of Prime Computer, Inc.;  provided technical support to sales staff, with emphasis on program conversion and optimization;  trained new customers at Stanford Research Institute on all aspects of computer usage, system administration, database management and run-time debugging services bundled with vendor’s virtual memory operating system


                              Computer Analyst Trainer :  developed and delivered lectures to Prime CPU users ranging from first-time thru advanced levels;  specialized in program and system optimizations, virtual memory management, code development and debugging methodologies, shared resource scheduling, network database management, data structures, I/O acceleration


1976 to 1977         Geographic Database Coordinator and Computer Mapping Specialist:  Association of Bay Area Governments, Berkeley, California


                              Geographic Database Coordinator :  developed an image-based mapping system for 9-county Bay Area region on Varian 76 minicomputer;  authored specs for vendor-supplied application programs;  assisted in design and coding of run-length algorithm for matrix compression and disk space conservation;  installed page-buffered I/O scheme to support large record counts;  wrote electrostatic mapping software, with gray-scale, zoom, windowing and annotation;  delivered and published a paper and lecture at Harvard Conference on Geographic Information Systems.


1971 to 1976         University Research Associate:  Public Policy Research Organization, University of California, Irvine

                              Research Associate :  university research project to investigate computer usage in the largest city and county governments in United States;  provided administrative support to faculty and graduate student research;  assisted in formulating methods for measuring utilization of findings by city and county staff.


Published author:  Visible Computer Futures,” October 31, 2010;  re-published at

Published author:  Overclocking Data Storage Subsystems: A SATA-IV Proposal,” Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara, California, 2012

Published author:  Overclocking Data Storage Subsystems: One Approach to Variable Channel Bandwidth,” July 27, 2010;  re-published in part at

Published author:  A Major Performance Enhancement to the Industry-Standard SATA Protocol,” May 26, 2010;  re-published at

Published author:  Technical Review and Evaluation of RamDisk Plus Software,” October 1, 2009 (cf.;  re-published at

Published author:  "Mini-Gridding a Large Region: The Bay Area Spatial Information System," paper and lecture in Harvard Papers on Geographic Information Systems (1978)

Self-educated via "distance learning" in American history, constitutional law, federal statutes

Graduate M.A. studies, Program in Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine (1974-75);  GPA: 4.0 / 4.0 (completed 5 of 7 required courses, before moving to Berkeley, California)

M.S., management, Graduate School of Management, University of California, Irvine (1973);  GPA:  3.8 / 4.0

B.A., political science, University of California, Los Angeles (1970);  GPA:  3.0 / 4.0

5˝ years of study as a candidate for the Catholic priesthood, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California

Continuing education in Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP/Pro SP3, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Office 2003/2007, WORD 2003/2007, Fortran/Pascal/C programming, remote sensing, graph topology, Novell System Manager certification, artificial intelligence, Gmail, Eudora Mail, FTP, HTML



Qualified Federal Witness, Judicial Council, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Born in Massachusetts to American parents;  good health;  types 140 words per minute



available upon request

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