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United States Court of Appeals


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Paul Andrew Mitchell,          ) Appeal No. 02-15269


          Plaintiff/Appellant, ) NOTICE OF CHALLENGE TO THE

                               ) CONSTITUTIONALITY OF AN

     v.                        ) ACT OF CONGRESS:


AOL Time Warner, Inc. et al.,  ) 28 U.S.C. 2072(b);

                               ) FRAP Rule 44



COMES NOW Paul Andrew Mitchell, Plaintiff in the above entitled case, Citizen of California, Private Attorney General and Federal Witness, to challenge the constitutionality of the federal statute at 28 U.S.C. 2072(b), and to provide formal written Notice to all interested Party(s) and to the Circuit Clerk, pursuant to Rule 44 of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (“FRAP”).

Appellant hereby incorporates His MOTION FOR INTERLOCUTORY JUDGMENT, AND CHALLENGE TO THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF AN ACT OF CONGRESS, and His FIRST SUPPLEMENT TO MOTION FOR INTERLOCUTORY JUDGMENT AND CHALLENGE TO THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF AN ACT OF CONGRESS, as previously filed in the official record of the District Court of the United States, as if both were set forth fully herein.

The legislative history of 28 U.S.C. 2072 contains evidence that the U.S. House of Representatives had serious doubts about its constitutionality as recently as 1988 A.D.  An amendment in that year produced the present subsections (a) and (b).  In his “Commentary on 1988 and 1990 Revisions,” author David D. Siegel writes:


The second sentence of the new subdivision (b) of section 2072 was a key player in the 1988 act.  It’s the famous supersession clause, purporting to subordinate all “laws”, including Acts of Congress, to the rules promulgated under subdivision (a).  It was the wish of the House of Representatives that the supersession clause be repealed and that a more circumspect substitution be made for it.  (See page 3 of House Report 100-889, dated August 26, 1988, and Representative Kastenmeier’s comments on the subject at page 27-28.)  But the Senate would not go along, and the amended section 2072(b) preserves the supersession clause without even a verbal alteration.  Viewing the supersession clause as “unwise and potentially unconstitutional” in its permitting the rules to “trump” existing statutes, Representative Kastenmeier confessed his disappointment at the Senate’s refusal to go along with its repeal, which he called “the single most important reform” contained in the House Bill.  (Congressional Record, October 19, 1988, H-10440).


[28 U.S.C.A. 2072, Historical and Statutory Notes]

[bold emphasis added]



Pursuant to FRAP Rule 44, the Circuit Clerk will kindly certify the fact of Appellant’s challenge herein to the United States Attorney General.



I, Paul Andrew Mitchell, Sui Juris, Plaintiff in the above entitled action, hereby verify under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the United States of America, without the “United States” (federal government), that the above statement of facts and laws is true and correct, according to the best of My current information, knowledge, and belief, so help me God, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1746(1).


Dated:   February 28, 2002 A.D.


Signed:  /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell


Printed: Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S., Sui Juris

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I, Paul Andrew Mitchell, Sui Juris, hereby certify, under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the United States of America, without the “United States” (federal government), that I am at least 18 years of age, a Citizen of ONE OF the United States of America, and that I personally served the following document(s):




28 U.S.C. 2072(b);  FRAP Rule 44


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Dated:   March 1, 2002 A.D.


Signed:  /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell


Printed: Paul Andrew Mitchell, Plaintiff In Propria Persona

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