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The Harry Plott Saga - Part II

Edited by Frederick Mann

[Note: This is an edited version of an article that appeared in Terra Libra News #7, Feb, 1996.]

Update on World Network Holdings (WNH)
In his latest "Confidential Report," (Feb. 1995) founder Harry Plott writes:

"...[T]here is no question that our tremendous growth, over the last year and a half, is the direct result of our involvement with that "radical fringe" of extraordinary people dedicated to personal and business freedom. Our understanding of how "the system" really works has opened incredible opportunities for future growth."

Harry reports that 1994 began with $285,000 in assets and ended with $4.3 million. He essentially attributes this phenomenal growth to the implementation of Freedom Technology and the support from other freedom-oriented individuals.

WNH is the beginning of the explosive shift of people, resources, and economic activities from the public and private sectors to the free-enterprise sector -- the "Free Enterprise Shift."

We need more freedom-entrepreneurs to implement Freedom Technology in their businesses, or to create new Sovereign Businesses. Pioneers like Harry Plott will become millionaires and billionaires during the next decade! The public (coercive) and private (slave) sectors could be competed out of existence!

[Note: The following is from the World Network Holdings "Confidential Report" (in part) for January, 1995. It is reprinted with permission. Don't let the first paragraph frighten you! Harry Plott is a GIANT among MEN!]

Copyright (c) By World Network Holdings ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Trust Promoter Skips Town
"Pennsylvania promoter and "self-proclaimed" entrepreneur, Harry W Plott, has fled the Commonwealth with an undisclosed amount of trust funds claimed to be owned by World Network Holdings. Plott was not available for comment. It has been reported that he was last seen heading south, possibly to the State of Florida."

Is this statement true or false? (Actually we've moved to the Florida state Republic. I would never move to the "State of" anywhere.) However, this is typical of the kind or garbage that the so-called news media put out. Over the last 8 months or so, there actually have been similar articles about me and WNH. Maybe you've seen them, maybe not.

In each case, for a few days, I would be flooded with phone calls. Many calls were in support of our efforts. We even gained some new associates. Occasionally, I would get some jerk telling me I was un-American. Some would tell me to stop rocking the boat and play the game. The implication here was for everyone to continue the use of expensive legal loopholes and for me to keep the truth to myself.

So far, there have been articles in the "Harrisburg Patriot News," the "Chicago Tribune," the "Philadelphia Inquirer," and the "Wall Street Journal." In these articles, I was basically portrayed as some kind of nut with the ridiculous idea that I was actually free to operate a business without the government's blessings or interference. In my opinion, the "Philadelphia Inquirer's" article, written by Robert Moran, was the closest thing to an honest report. The rest was just plain news media propaganda to scare would-be participants from associating with the rest of us kooks.

I've been asked several times if I would address this issue. However, I'm not going to dignify these articles with a blow by blow response. I will cover some of these issues below, where I will continue my story from last month. I will use the above article, which is similar in tone and words to the actual articles, as an example of how the truth can be slanted to create a negative image.

There is always some semblance of truth to these articles or the legal department at the newspaper would not allow it to be printed. However, an article can be written in such a way as to make it appear that something is not quite right. The first impact, of course, is negative but what does this little item really say?

It says that I have moved the trust operations from Pennsylvania to (possibly) Florida. That's what I have done, so why does that sound so bad? The use of words like "skip" and "fled" are subjective, arbitrary and specifically used to deride. Wouldn't "moved" or "relocated" be more accurate?

Certain words have come to have negative connotations. When the newspapers called me a "promoter," I'm sure they didn't mean it to be a compliment. But "promoter" is a perfectly legitimate description. The Oxford Thesaurus gives the full sense of "promoter" to mean "A person who helps or defends another; One who gives financial support. The opposite of promoter is "adversary," "opponent," or "enemy." I'm proud to be a "promoter" for our cause!

Does the term "entrepreneur" give you a positive or negative "feeling." Unfortunately, for most people, "entrepreneur" is also one of those words which has been slanted to mean someone "less then honest." Webster defines "entrepreneur" as: "a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit." Simple enough!

Words like "self-proclaimed" and "claims to" are also used to cast doubt like kids saying "yah, says who?"

In my opinion, the stock-in-trade of the Socialist state-controlled news media is to cloud the facts with subjective, arbitrary words of ridicule and disparagement when reporting anything that goes against the "establishment."

Time spent trying to explain the concepts of freedom to these miscreants, has fallen on deaf ears. They prefer to quote me out of context to make me out the fool.

[The above may assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of how words can be abused to put victims at a disadvantage.  The journalist, of course, seems to enjoy the "advantage" of power by the dishonest use of language -- using inaccurate words like "skipped" and "fled," where the word "moved" would have been accurate.  It's an attempt to put the victim attacked at a disadvantage.  The readers are also victimized to the extent that they accept the journalist's words and turn against the person attacked dishonestly and unjustifiably.  This is an illustration of the mechanisms of language used by terrocrats to subjugate, control, and dominate their victims -- as further described in NSPIC = Neuro-Semantic Political Illusion Complex.]

Our Survival, continued
Now I'll continue our story from last month. I'm going to back up to the point where the PA Securities Commission had issued its "Cease and Desist Order."

The order stated that we were in violation of PA Securities regulations by advertising and promoting an "Investment Trust." My reply was that WNH was a "common law entity" not within their jurisdiction and not subject to any of their legislative rules and regulations. Our right to contract is inalienable, guaranteed and protected by our Constitution.

I told them that WNH was not invested in any regulated equities such as stock or bonds and therefore by Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, could not be categorized as an "Investment Trust" and further that we had never placed any advertisements (as if any of this matters) and conducted our affairs under our right of free association to exchange information with each other without government censorship or interference.

I Was Wrong!
Later I discovered to my surprise that I was wrong! While WNH may be a common law entity, I was not. And, as a US. citizen acting in the capacity of Trustee for WNH, I was [claimed to be] subject to their laws and therefore so was WNH, common law entity or not.

This was an attack on me personally. WNH was not the issue. As a US citizen, I was subject to all US rules and regulations. (This is why an "offshore" entity has always been considered and is the only "safe haven" for US. citizens. You'll understand this paradox in a moment.)

This seems to leave us with basically two choices: leave the United States and give up our US citizenship, or turn over our business affairs to someone in another country. I don't accept either choice! Either we are free or we are not. There is no middle of the road!

Now I'm really in "hot water." I say, "I am free with inalienable and constitutional rights"; the government says, "You are a US citizen with the "Civil Rights" we grant to you, or revoke, at our convenience. In other words, "Guess again, dummy."

How can we, while living in a country established on the concept of "Individual Sovereignty over government," be reduced to mere subjects at the whims and wishes of these bureaucrats. (Finding the answer to this question gave us back our personal power!)

Voluntary Acts
It is a violation of the Constitution, (the "Charter" that created our government) for them to use force to take away our inalienable and constitutional rights. As corrupt as we may believe our government to be, they still must obey this basic law. I believe they do. Otherwise, there would be no hope of freedom for individuals in this country. The legal steps that we can take to regain our Sovereignty would be worthless. However, they (those who've stolen our power) are not above using lies and propaganda to trick us into giving up our rights, "voluntarily."

This is a somewhat complicated process to explain, so I will just give some basics. When we sign-up for any government benefit, like Social Security; when we ask for a "license" to do a thing, like to drive, incorporate a business, or get married; when we sign an agreement to be taxed, like the IRS 1040, we are voluntarily agreeing to give up our constitutional rights in exchange for "Civil Rights." We agree to become 14th Amendment US citizens and subjects of (meaning "to belong to") the STATE.

Anytime a document asks the question "Are you a US citizen?", how do you respond? Most of us agree that we are. And, of course, our signature confirms it. The fact is "we were not intended to be US citizens and subjects." We were to be, and can be again, Power Judicial Citizens, first in (but not of) our townships, then in our county, state, and country. "But what country?" you ask. The united states of America. We are American Nationals!

Undoing the Damage
Now that we know some of the ways we became subjects of the government, can we do anything about it? The basic legal question is this: "Did I know that I was giving up my rights when I entered into the above mentioned agreements?" Was I told that I was trading my inalienable rights for civil rights? Since I was not informed or aware of these stipulations, then I did not enter into these contractual obligations "knowingly," "intelligently," and I'm not so sure it was even "voluntarily" -- rendering these agreements "null and void" "ab initio" (from the beginning).

You can't Just Drop Out
Well, you can just drop out, if you want to. You are naturally free and can do what you want! However, from a "legal standpoint," you must do something to free yourself from this legal entrapment we find ourselves in. If we are going to withdraw from the "statutory legal system," we must replace it with something else.

The first step is to stop being US citizen subjects. On August 15th, 1994, I completed and recorded (at the county level), the following documents: (a) "Revocation of Power of Attorney"; (b) "Oath to the Pennsylvania commonwealth state"; and (c) "Declaration of Citizenship."

At a later time, I will explain the details and significance of these documents. Right now, it's just important to know that I voided "ab initio" all "Powers of Attorney" and contractual obligations due to, among other things, the use of various elements of fraud by the UNITED STATES, the COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA, and the STATE OF FLORIDA, in an attempt to deprive me of my vested Rites and Rights under the Law of the Land and state Citizenship, and to further deprive me of my primary state Citizenship and Privileges and Immunities.

I then "posted" by certified, receipt requested, to all of the key bureaucrats and departments of the UNITED STATES, INC, including their agents "the COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA SECURITIES COMMISSION" (23 agencies in all) the above docs., plus the following: (a) "Return of Papers for Cause"; (b) "Refusal of Service for Cause"; (c) "Affidavit of Truth of Harry W. Plott, Sui Juris"; and (d) "Refusal to Traverse and be Unlawfully Joined to the Party Petitioner and Issues."

Harry used the "state citizen" strategy to personally exit "the system" and to successfully stop terrocrat attacks against himself personally.   As far as I know, he has stopped all the attacks through the use of "legal paperwork."  There's a wealth of information on the Internet on "state citizenship":

See also the White Paper on State Citizenship.

There are many other practical freedom strategies.   For example, you can "compartmentalize" your life and affairs.  One "compartment" can be "in the system," while others -- possibly in the form of trusts or offshore corporations -- are "outside the system."

Though Harry used the pure contract trust form of organization extensively, he could also have used offshore entities -- see [Sovereignty].  For information on trusts -- which are highly suitable for operating certain kinds of businesses "outside the system" -- see our section on trusts.

WNH has gone through several metamorphoses and via a "reverse takeover" part of it has become a public corporation listed on NASDAQ. Assets have increased from $285,000 in Jan, 1994 to about $40,000,000 in Dec, 1997.

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