Master List of Principal Violations


(full or partial copies)


as of January 1, 2001 A.D.



Domain / Violation               Status in Complaints                       Barrett Owens named

     (               in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 A2Z Computers & Software

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                   James H. Daugherty named

     (fedzone.txt)               in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 James Daugherty-AA Research

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT

                                 (see &                       Internet Domain ALGONET.SE

     (preface.doc)               named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                          AOL Time Warner, Inc.

     (fedzone.htm)               named in VERIFIED COMPLAINT;

                                 AOL Prime Host

     (fedzone.htm)               named in SECOND SUPPLEMENT;                        Mark Creamer named

     (the_federal_zone.txt)      in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Internet Domain BAYON.NET

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                      Calif. Institute of Technology

     (preface and intro)         named in VERIFIED COMPLAINT;

                                 Christopher Kankel named

                                 in FIRST SUPPLEMENT

                                 (see                       C I Host named

     (the_federal_zone.txt)      in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                      Desert Video Production

     (               named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                          Carnegie-Mellon University

     (Kleinpaste/       named in VERIFIED COMPLAINT

                                 (see                      Cornell University

     (fedzone.txt)               named in VERIFIED COMPLAINT;

                                 (see &                   Jonathan Steuer named

     (                 in VERIFIED COMPLAINT;

                                 Cyborganic Media named

                                 in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                        Daniel Levy named

     (fedzone.htm)               in VERIFIED COMPLAINT;

                                 Alias “Dimitri” named

                                 in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Carrie Malcolm named

                                 in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Internet Domain DEOXY.ORG

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT

                                 (see &                      Frank Ch. Eigler named

     (fedztext.txt)              in SECOND SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Elastic BBS named

                                 in SECOND SUPPLEMENT

                                 (see also                        David W. Starr named

     (fedzone4.txt)              in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 ALH (believed to be a “dba”)

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Mitchell A. Goodkin named

                                 in FIRST SUPPLEMENT


                                 Paul Southworth named

                                 in SECOND SUPPLEMENT;

                                 The ETEXT Archives named

                                 in SECOND SUPPLEMENT                      Image’FX Productions, Inc.

     (              named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                       EZ2 Network, Inc. named

     (               in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                  Cybergate, Inc. named

     (              in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                Josh Bempechat named

     (SV-0030  $50.00)           in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Earthlink, Inc. named

                                 in FIRST SUPPLEMENT               Hacked Archives named

     (the_federal_zone.txt)      in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Internet Domain INCORPTEK.COM

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT               Telecode named

     (fedztxt4.exe)              in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                      Indiana University named

     (preface and intro)         in VERIFIED COMPLAINT

                                 (see                    Info Magic, Inc. named

     (selling CD-ROM)            in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                        Joe Szemiot named

     (fedzone.html)              in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 INTAC Access Corporation

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT

                                 (see &                          Internet Online Services

     (              named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                         Karl Kleinpaste named

     (Kleinpaste)                in VERIFIED COMPLAINT;

                                 Justsystem Pittsburgh Research

                                 Center named, FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Justsystem Corporation

                                 named in SECOND SUPPLEMENT                Leander Pearson named

     (s_fedzone.txt)             in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Burntfork Rural Systems

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 X Mission named

                                 in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                        Brian Oblivion named

     (the_federal_zone.txt)      in VERIFIED COMPLAINT;

                                 L0PHT Heavy Industries

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                       Levity named

     (fedzone.htm)               in FIRST SUPPLEMENT

                                 (see &                      Club Madness named

     (the_federal_zone.txt)      in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                         Maui Global Communications

     (Appendix N)                named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                         David Feustel named

     (fedzone.html)              in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Midwest Internet Exchange, Inc.

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Dan Turkette named

                                 in SECOND SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Todd R. Eigenschink named

                                 in SECOND SUPPLEMENT;

                                 TEK Interactive Group, Inc.

                                 named in SECOND SUPPLEMENT                         Msen, Inc. named

     (fedzone.txt)               in FIRST SUPPLEMENT  (see:

                       ,                      Jeff Head named

     (fedzone.txt)               in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Internet Domain NEBONET.COM

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                       Kearney, Castillo & Blake

     (               named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                       Phreak Network Solutions

     (the_federal_zone.txt)      named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                        (see

     (Appendix N)                     J. Wyatt named

     (README file)               in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Primenet named

                                 in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                      Mike McArthur named

     (Mike McArthur)             in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Provide Net named

                                 in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                    Simple Network Communications,

     (              Inc. named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                     Snow Hill Enterprises, Inc.

     (              named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                       Dave Alexander named

     (the_federal_zone.txt)      in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                     John L. Dortch named

     (fedzone.pdf)               in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Telalink Corporation

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                    Thomson Financial Services, The

     (_The Fedzone_ and          Works BBS, and COWZ Technologies

      fedztext.txt)              named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Jason Scott named

                                 in SECOND SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Frank Ch. Eigler named

                                 in SECOND SUPPLEMENT

                                 (see also                  Transworld Mail Express

     (Chapter 11)                named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT                          University of California

     (fedzone.html)              named in VERIFIED COMPLAINT;

                                 Donald D. Hoffman also

                                 named in VERIFIED COMPLAINT                        University of Michigan

     (fedzone4.txt and           named in VERIFIED COMPLAINT              (see also                    Jahred Held named

     (              in FIRST SUPPLEMENT;

                                 Westworld Communications

                                 named in FIRST SUPPLEMENT