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Posted by Shane Hanson on August 31, 1998 at 16:57:16:

In Reply to: Message for Shane posted by Man of Reason on August 29, 1998 at 19:49:31:

You know I have sometimes wondered what it would be like if we could bring our Founding Fathers to our present day, what would they say, what would they do, I think ALL of us would be in for a rude awakening.

It hasn't been but in the last 15 years that the proof need, to support our theories of a corrupt government, has come to light. And that proof has only come about because of hard work of people who have been involved in this work for 20, 30, and even 40 years. It was thier trial and error that has brought us to the point that we are at today. Many people have sufferd to bring us what little we do know and there is still much to be discovered yet. To throw out every unsupported opinion I come across would be negligence on my part. Yet I do not allow that opinion to intermingle itself with fact.

The purpose of the posting "Does our governmet still represent and serve State Citizens???" was to bring about a conclusion in this topic in my mind and to stir up some good consructive thought. At present I am trying to research anything that would deal with this subject, incuding all references posted here, but have have not found any good conclusive evidence for or against. Therefore leaving it suspended in the area of theory and I am sure one day someone with be able to find evidence to disprove it or support it.

I would find it a relief if it were disproven, it would mean that the constitutional prosses setup by our Founding Fathers are still in tact and working for us. But if this theory is proven to be of some substance, well, I guess the actions nessecary to correct the problem is quite obvious.

And once again I would mension what would our Founding Fathers do. I think that once we begin to look at it from there point of view we may yet begin to find more answers that questions.

A fellow laborer in the work,
Shane Hanson

P.S. Why are so many people here unwilling to use there real name. I say STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. You have nothing to fear here for we are all brothers of the same cause. Wether we agree or not, all should feel free to be allowed to be recognized by there real name. One day we may all get the honor of meet each other, and being able to associate a name, face, and words will definatly help to bring us together.

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