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Posted by Thomas L. Price on November 07, 1997 at 11:28:18:

A close friend, who has posted on this forum,
and, who is himself an LLD, who writes case Law,
and has for years, and I were talking reciently
and he had informed me that many individuals
out here are in dire need of help in understanding
the traffic ticket "scam/trap" that exists in all
of our states and just how to get out of a ticket.

So I decided to take my years of legal knowledge
and in doing so, provide everyone who wishes, the
knowledge and information necessary defeat a ticket in


I am a former, (now retired) magistrate.

I am also a former member of the U.S. Navys'
JAG Office.

I am and always will be a great lover of peoples freedoms
and constitutional rights.

Over the many years as a magistrate, I have found "for the
defendants" in more cases that I could ever list in an
equal 25 years.

I have put together, 3.5 disk only, all the
information, none of which is at all or frivilous,
including the legal forms needed (legal in all states)
that one would need to use to defeat a traffic ticket
in a Court of Law.

This information should be in every American Citizens
home, for, as luck, or as some would say, un-luck, would have it
there will come a time when you yourself can, may, or will
be confronted with a traffic ticket of some sort and this
knowledge, along with the legal forms which are included
"And If Followed To The Letter" will help you actually win
in any traffic coourt.

Example: Did you know that you DO NOT have to appear, even if
required to do so, in court to defend yourself and to win!

This along with all the other knowledge and information will
be provided to you, if you wish to have it, and, like
I mentioned before, if you follow my instructions, you will

I know what many of you are thinking, "what will this cost." I'm
not in it for the money, all I wnat is the cost of the disk, mailing,
and the copying of each disk, that's it and no more.

If you are truly sincere about your Freedom and your rights,
respond to MAGISTRATE in this forum and I will contact you

Thomas Price

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