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Posted by Wm J on January 11, 1998 at 20:11:00:

In Reply to: WHINING SHEEPEOPLE/Re: 2 IRS Agents Expose it all posted by Richard on January 11, 1998 at 08:41:59:

: : Dear fellow Americans,

: Body deleted to save space:

: 1st. I have been a reader of this and other forums
: for quite some time and all I have heard from many is
: that these people are acting like and being WHINING SHEEPEOPLE,
: you know who you are.

: You all want you freedom(s) but like all SHEEPEOPLE
: you want someone (like BIG BROTHER) to give it to you.

: Well, let me tell you that's notthe way one gets or takes back
: their lost or stolen freedom(s). You get it back at a
: cost - it's not free, never was and never will be.
: *******************************************************

: 2nd. Someone - using a bad mouth - put down, stated
: that you should all save your money and spend it on junk food,
: and not to bother to get the information being offered
: by the magistrate on traffic tickets, and this person also
: stated that the information was in a childish language, and
: that everyone knew all the information on the disk.

: I say to that person; There are many who do not know anything
: of what the disk contains, secondly, the information on the disk
: is in plain language for everyone to understand.

: If that "person" requires information in some cryptic, non-understandable
: language then that "person" should stick to the IRS code,
: and stop putting out disinformation.

: I myself had a problem regarding a traffic ticket,
: I purchased the disk and using the information that
: it contained, BEAT THE TICKET, on my own and with no help
: from individuals like "that Person."

: Also, I have been in a fight with the IRS for two years now,
: and was getting nowhere. Then I got smart, and started
: listning and corresponding and collecting, (and yes, I did
: have to pay, afterall FREEDOM is not "free" only the word is)
: opinion letters from respectable individuals such as,
: (((former Judge Rizzo, from Nevada at
: and a IRS tax consultant in Florida, at
: just to name a few, and using these individuals' letters,
: as well as others that I received, was able to stop the IRS
: dead in their tracks.

: Did I pay for them, damn straight I did, $2,240.00 to date,
: and I intend to gather more and they were well worth it,
: because what these disinformationsits (most likely work for the IRS)
: and sheepeople do not see, admit to, understand, or choose to overlook
: is that, these opinions letters are SIGNED by these individuals and the
: writers of these opinion letters, and they know full well that they can
: be called into a court of law, on behalf of the defendant using their letters,
: to justify the TRUTH about IRS and it's fraud.

: Are they putting them selves at risk by signing their names to their
: opinion's, damn straight they are, and they need to be respected for comming
: forthe doing so, not condemened or put down for it. They are willing to
: put their GOOD NAMES on the line - ARE YOU.

: Do you think that a judge who no longer sits on the bench, where
: the weight of their opinion(s) became LAW, and just because they are retired
: and helping others, that their opinion means less, or that they suddenly
: became stupid,I DON'T THINK SO.

: Do you think an individual that is a registered
: tax consultant is going to put his/her GOOD NAME and family support on
: the line for something that is NOT WORTH A DAMN, or is untrue,
: I don't think so.

: The two former IRS agents are absolutely 100% correct
: in what they say.
: *********************************************************

: Therefore, In parting, I say to all the WHINING SHEEPEOPLE
: you have one of two choices to make;

: You can either remain as the SLAVES YOU ARE, continue your whining
: and be slowly beaten and blead to death, or;
: You can STAND YOUR GROUND LIKE MANY OF US HAVE, gather as much
: and as many opinion letters and TRUE information that you can afford
: and take back your F R E E D O M, either way, there is
: a price. As for me, I prefer my blood right where it
: belongs, and not at someones feet.

: The choice is yours, and if you choose slavery, then you
: have no bitch.

: NOTE: If there are those among you who would like to take
: back their freedom and would like a list of the names
: of other professional individuals that I have contacted
: across the country for their opinion letters, reply
: to this post with an e-mail address and I will send it
: to you.

: Richard

: I was wrongly placed in a situation regarding a traffic
: violation

Good Post! Please send me the list so I may compare it with mine and continue to collect data.

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