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Posted by Richard on January 11, 1998 at 08:41:59:

In Reply to: 2 IRS Agents Expose it all posted by joe on January 07, 1998 at 07:11:40:

: Dear fellow Americans,

Body deleted to save space:

1st. I have been a reader of this and other forums
for quite some time and all I have heard from many is
that these people are acting like and being WHINING SHEEPEOPLE,
you know who you are.

You all want you freedom(s) but like all SHEEPEOPLE
you want someone (like BIG BROTHER) to give it to you.

Well, let me tell you that's notthe way one gets or takes back
their lost or stolen freedom(s). You get it back at a
cost - it's not free, never was and never will be.

2nd. Someone - using a bad mouth - put down, stated
that you should all save your money and spend it on junk food,
and not to bother to get the information being offered
by the magistrate on traffic tickets, and this person also
stated that the information was in a childish language, and
that everyone knew all the information on the disk.

I say to that person; There are many who do not know anything
of what the disk contains, secondly, the information on the disk
is in plain language for everyone to understand.

If that "person" requires information in some cryptic, non-understandable
language then that "person" should stick to the IRS code,
and stop putting out disinformation.

I myself had a problem regarding a traffic ticket,
I purchased the disk and using the information that
it contained, BEAT THE TICKET, on my own and with no help
from individuals like "that Person."

Also, I have been in a fight with the IRS for two years now,
and was getting nowhere. Then I got smart, and started
listning and corresponding and collecting, (and yes, I did
have to pay, afterall FREEDOM is not "free" only the word is)
opinion letters from respectable individuals such as,
(((former Judge Rizzo, from Nevada at ustaxes@juno.com
and a IRS tax consultant in Florida, at dimissus@worldnet.att.net)))
just to name a few, and using these individuals' letters,
as well as others that I received, was able to stop the IRS
dead in their tracks.

Did I pay for them, damn straight I did, $2,240.00 to date,
and I intend to gather more and they were well worth it,
because what these disinformationsits (most likely work for the IRS)
and sheepeople do not see, admit to, understand, or choose to overlook
is that, these opinions letters are SIGNED by these individuals and the
writers of these opinion letters, and they know full well that they can
be called into a court of law, on behalf of the defendant using their letters,
to justify the TRUTH about IRS and it's fraud.

Are they putting them selves at risk by signing their names to their
opinion's, damn straight they are, and they need to be respected for comming
forthe doing so, not condemened or put down for it. They are willing to
put their GOOD NAMES on the line - ARE YOU.

Do you think that a judge who no longer sits on the bench, where
the weight of their opinion(s) became LAW, and just because they are retired
and helping others, that their opinion means less, or that they suddenly
became stupid,I DON'T THINK SO.

Do you think an individual that is a registered
tax consultant is going to put his/her GOOD NAME and family support on
the line for something that is NOT WORTH A DAMN, or is untrue,
I don't think so.

The two former IRS agents are absolutely 100% correct
in what they say.

Therefore, In parting, I say to all the WHINING SHEEPEOPLE
you have one of two choices to make;

You can either remain as the SLAVES YOU ARE, continue your whining
and be slowly beaten and blead to death, or;
and as many opinion letters and TRUE information that you can afford
and take back your F R E E D O M, either way, there is
a price. As for me, I prefer my blood right where it
belongs, and not at someones feet.

The choice is yours, and if you choose slavery, then you
have no bitch.

NOTE: If there are those among you who would like to take
back their freedom and would like a list of the names
of other professional individuals that I have contacted
across the country for their opinion letters, reply
to this post with an e-mail address and I will send it
to you.


I was wrongly placed in a situation regarding a traffic

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