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Posted by Two Cities on March 01, 1998 at 00:56:11:

In Reply to: Re: State Sales Tax posted by B.Morris on February 27, 1998 at 10:32:17:

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: Greetings,

: I mentioned many months ago in an earlier posting that my wife and I and the business we manage that is owned by a so called "pure trust" was being investigated by the Colorado Department of Revenue for not charging, collecting and paying state sales tax.

: Well guess what? They are filing criminal charges against us and nothing against the Trust.
: The above violation of a C.R.S is a class 5 felony in this state, with a maximum of 1-3 years and a fine of $1,000 to $100,000.

: I could take up a lot of space in telling you how stupid I was to buy into some of the Patriot fairy-tales that led to our current situation, but I won't waste your time.

: It is amazing how anxious people are to convince you of the latest rehtoric, but as soon as trouble comes they are nowhere to be found.

: Once again as I try to figure out my next move. The future in this case looks gloomy(at least according to the people I've talked to; ie. Rommel School of Law, Bill Conklin,Justice Team One,Dennis Posley(our trustee! !)

: Funny, some people sure make it sound easy before the fact. I doubt anyone out there can help, so I won't ask.

: My advise to anyone who reads this is to consider all possible aspects of the choice ahead and count the costs well before you proceed.

: B. Morris

In this group, lots of defenders of TRUSTS should now show themselves perhaps. Of
course this is not their TRUSTS. Perhaps your TRUST creator didn't know what he was
doing. Interesting at any rate.

I offer the following hypothesis for examination of the knowledgable crowd on this forum.

Colorado State only prosecutes persons. So somehow you were found to be a person.
It might help to ask for the actual laws that are cited against you, i.e. a certified
true and correct copy of the legislative instrument that supposedly lays the foundation
for the charge. On this instrument the secretary(Secretary(SECRETARY)) of state(State(STATE))
will have authenticated the legislative act with the seal of whatever state passed the piece.
This should be compared against true and correct copies, which you now have an opportunity
to subpoena into existence (I think), of the seals of the several states. After that the
thing breaks apart on several fronts. A jury might perhaps find this interesting to have
such a profusion of governmentaleze documented in front of it. Of course the attorney would
have to be willing to commit proffessional harakiri.

The identity (the naming) of the defendant, if Colorado State is the adversary will be a Person.
The Colorado statutes or revised code or whatever passes out there will have a definition of
person. So does the personality attached to your drivers license contract, exceed the boundaries
of the Colorado Motor Vehicle Code? Find the nexus.

Somewhere in Colorado there is a constitution, by the people. It always starts like that.
This constitution is recognizable by wordings. such as that it may be abolished if the
resulting government is found to not live up to the expectations of the people. It is hidden in
the archives.

Then there is a Colorado State constitution, or a Constitution of the State of Colorado. This is
a constitution by Colorado for the persons of Colorado. Now persons and individuals are different.

Then there are the bylaws of the STATE OF COLORADO, a business arm of the State.

Each of these entities have jurisdictional boundaries. Persons, which are fictional entities to begin
with can be tried inside any "Looking Glass landscape". They were make belief to begin with.

Men and women are physical, and require a presence in the real world, in that world that is confined by
territory and territorial jurisdiction. In order to have territorial jurisdiction borders are necessary.
Enquire as to the borders, from the county level on up. The more entities that can be made to perjure themselves
the merrier it can be.

My paltry input offered free of charge, and not advise in the strict sense. Only a hypothetical entry.
Comment appreciated.

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