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Posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell on March 19, 1998 at 11:50:50:

In Reply to: Re: Let this site die a natural death posted by one man on March 19, 1998 at 09:40:10:

: : Dear Friends,

: : No, I am not going to let this site die.

: : On the contrary, I am doing everything in my
: : power to continue this work. Perhaps you are
: : unaware of the following:

: : 1. the webmaster has not responded to numerous
: : recent messages from me: reason, unknown;
: : he is the only one with the password;

: : 2. DOJ's economic retaliation against me has
: : become rather severe, forcing me to put
: : computers and related documents in storage;

: : 3. many clients have opted to stiff me for
: : approx. $50,000 in professional services,
: : even though they accepted, and filed, the
: : briefs which I prepared;

: : 4. one man offered to "help" -- by inviting me
: : to stay on his ranch, and then worked me
: : for 7 weeks, 7 days per week, 8 hours per
: : day, cleaning up several sorely dilapidated
: : buildings; my pay: food and a bed;
: : in the end, he blamed me because his dogs
: : had eliminated in his house; strange, yes?

: Poor Paul! "strange, yes?" YES! Very strange!
: All the sob stories make perfect sense to me now.
: So much for helping a "friend". Been there,
: done that! Never again!

I don't understand your critical tone here.
I do hope you are not the kind of person
who also blames rape victims. Have you
ever worked for a long time, and then not
been paid? What did YOU do in that

It was never my intention to clutter this
forum with personal pain, or personal
tragedies. However, such a steady stream
of abuse was never a problem in my life,
until I was invited to become a constitutional
litigator. The clear pattern is worthy of
mention, for historical purposes, if nothing

Your use of the term "sob stories" only
serves to diminish your own integrity,
and your own humanity. As for me, I
now file these among the acts of Janet Reno
and Adolf Hitler -- they are the same ilk.

I repeat: why don't you switch to the

Meanwhile, our jails are brimming with
political prisoners, at a rate that is
twice that of South Africa, which is
second worldwide in incarceration rate.

Perhaps you would also refer to their own
personal tragedies "sob stories" too?

Please tell me I am wrong, and why!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell
Counselor at Law

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