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Posted by one man on March 19, 1998 at 09:40:10:

In Reply to: Let this site die a natural death posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell on March 18, 1998 at 10:05:46:

: : Paul Mitchell, or whatever his name is currently, intended this site to be a vital web resource. Well you can see what a mess it is now. No new posts can be made to this site because no one is "minding the store". As I understand it, there are no webmasters, and Paul probably doesn't care any more (even though he has a very recent post to the site).

: : I had great hopes for this site once, even volunteered to help put the library in HTML, but, since Paul has decided to abandon it for his own reasons, we should let it die. Since no new posts can be made, any new topics (like this one) have to be buried as a response to some previous post. It then becomes unprofitable, timewise, to look for new posts for discussion or help.

: : Paul, if you are out there, are you going to let this site die?

: Dear Friends,

: No, I am not going to let this site die.

: On the contrary, I am doing everything in my
: power to continue this work. Perhaps you are
: unaware of the following:

: 1. the webmaster has not responded to numerous
: recent messages from me: reason, unknown;
: he is the only one with the password;

: 2. DOJ's economic retaliation against me has
: become rather severe, forcing me to put
: computers and related documents in storage;

: 3. many clients have opted to stiff me for
: approx. $50,000 in professional services,
: even though they accepted, and filed, the
: briefs which I prepared;

: 4. one man offered to "help" -- by inviting me
: to stay on his ranch, and then worked me
: for 7 weeks, 7 days per week, 8 hours per
: day, cleaning up several sorely dilapidated
: buildings; my pay: food and a bed;
: in the end, he blamed me because his dogs
: had eliminated in his house; strange, yes?

Poor Paul! "strange, yes?" YES! Very strange!
All the sob stories make perfect sense to me now.
So much for helping a "friend". Been there,
done that! Never again!

: 5. my most recent work, in the last quarter
: of 1997, involved criminal complaints
: against high-level officials in the
: state and federal governments; they
: have a motive to retaliate, and they DID
: retaliate, by starving me, putting me in
: prison, spreading vicious lies about me,
: obstructing my mail, and brainwashing
: my incarcerated clients;

: 6. I was also invited to a neighboring state
: by some people I befriended thru the
: Internet; when I accepted their offer,
: they asked me to call them when I arrived;
: when I did arrive, they would have nothing
: to do with me, and even delayed, for some
: time, a package of Priority U.S. Mail;

: 7. I have sought help from two Christian
: churches, and one of them found me a spare
: room with a 4-time ex-convict who would
: not give me a key, mixed drugs and alcohol,
: and watched cartoons at high volume all
: morning long; when an argument ensued,
: because I could not open the door during
: a deep freeze, he called the police, who
: arrested me because I would not disclose
: a social security number; this case
: is now pending; would you care to donate
: to my "criminal" defense in this case?

: 8. my mother died suddenly last year in her
: sleep, and my father subsequently blamed
: me for her death, although I was in
: Arizona at the time; he then inexplicably
: started refusing my mail, and renegged
: on an offer to loan me money, to seed
: the Supreme Law Firm; he had a huge life
: insurance policy on my mother, and now
: drives two cars, one of which is a large
: bronze Cadillac; he had a copy of
: "The Federal Zone" for a full year,
: before he even opened it; he thinks the
: work I do is worthless;

: 9. over 100 violations of "The Federal Zone"
: copyright restrictions have been documented,
: but exactly none of the lawyers I have
: contacted to date want to litigate this
: matrix of cases; America Online refuses
: to remove the bootleg copy on their servers;
: other violators have resorted to spamming
: my fax machine with volumes of obscene
: comics;

: 10. after winning my civil case against the
: accountant who embezzled over $3,000 of my
: life savings, the losing attorney wrote a
: check for the exact amount of the judgment,
: then stopped payment on that check while
: it was in the mail; Bank of America in
: Tucson refused to cash it, and sided with
: this corrupt attorney;

: 11. the federal bankruptcy judge I petitioned
: for leave to intervene in the New Life
: bankruptcy cases, has refused to rule,
: leaving my well documented paperwork
: completely high and dry, and blocking me
: from suing these debtors, because the
: "automatic stay" has not been lifted;

: 12. wherever I travel, people want to
: "shoot the messenger" because of my
: activism in the area of Gulf War Syndrome;
: Congressman Ron Paul's office couldn't wait
: for me to leave, when they saw me walk in
: the front door;

: 13. one local CPA decided that I deserved to
: be "hidden in a subculture," so he arranged
: housing for me in a drug and alcohol
: rehab center; only problem was: I do NOT
: need rehab -- I need clients who will pay
: their bills whenever I do satisfactory work
: for them;

: 14. at the present time, I am homeless, without
: a working car (needs work on the exhaust
: manifold gasket), without money for food,
: and cannot do legal work because my
: essential tools are locked in storage,
: many miles away; I only eat by the grace
: of the Most High, who worked thru one fine
: local Baptist Minister to drive me to a
: community center with staff who have real
: integrity (for a change);

: 15. I am now beginning a low-key search for
: foundation funding to further develop
: the Supreme Law Library, and possibly also
: to fund an academic research program in
: constitutional law, either in a law school,
: or in a political science department;
: are there any accredited schools which are
: not totally intimidated today by the
: doctrine of political correctness?
: I haven't found any, not yet at least!

: 16. oh, almost forgot: the Arizona Court of
: Appeals just threw out my Mandamus,
: because I could not pay the fee, despite
: a proper petition for leave to proceed
: In Forma Pauperis: life savings on the
: date of that petition: $0.73

: I could go on and on, but what's the point?

: The Internet has conditioned almost everyone
: to expect everything now, and to expect
: everything for free. What you see above
: is the direct result of this ubiquitous
: brainwashing. I gave you everything I ever
: owned, folks; now it's all gone.

: Perhaps you would be happier watching
: television instead?

: How about "L.A. Law," or "The X Files"?
: I hear they both sell a lot of soap, and
: cars, for their sponsors.

: /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A.
: Counselor at Law, Federal Witness,
: and Private Attorney General

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