TO: Susan H. Handelman

Eugene J. Majeski

Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley

1001 Marshall Street

Redwood City 94063


fax: (650) 367-0997


FROM: Paul Andrew Mitchell

Private Attorney General


DATE: October 12, 2001 A.D.


SUBJECT: Mitchell v. AOL Time Warner, Inc. et al.

Case No. CIV S 01-1480 WBS DAD PS



From our Forwarding Agent in Oakland, California, I received today six (6) pleadings filed by your firm in the above entitled case.


Before we go any further, I wanted to give you an opportunity to amend a systematic error which appears on all 6 pleadings:


I have petitioned the Article III District Court of the United States (a constitutional court), not the Article IV United States District Court (a legislative tribunal).


For pertinent authorities on this all important distinction, please see the following Internet URLs:



I trust that, taken together, these Internet resources do more than enough to substantiate the important differences between these two courts. They are provided free of charge to you, and to the entire nation.


In summary, your pleadings petition the wrong court.


If you dont amend your pleadings to reflect the correct caption, I will proceed on the presumption that you wish to continue pleading to the wrong court.


Also, please regard this paragraph as a polite demand that you and Eugene J. Majeski serve a certified copy of your licenses to practice law, with your oaths of office correctly indorsed upon same, at My proper mailing location, no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 19, 2001 A.D.. See Section 6067 of the California Business and Professions Code. Do not file any more pleadings until you have complied with this paragraph.


Thank you.



Sincerely yours,


/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell


Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Author, Damaged Party and Plaintiff,

Mitchell v. AOL Time Warner, Inc. et al.


U.S. Mail c/o:


Forwarding Agent

350 30th Street, Suite 444

Oakland 94609-3426



[See USPS Publication #221 for addressing instructions.]


p.s. I never spell my name in ALL CAPS, so your caption makes

another grievous error there, as well.


copies: Walter P. DeForest

DeForest & Koscelnik


Clerk of Court

Attention: L. Reader

District Court of the United States

501 I Street, Suite 4-200

Sacramento 95814-2322





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