1. What were the underlying causes related to filing against the California State BAR, its members and officers? Why California, and how does this impact other of the several States in actions that would bring about the same results?


When I commenced my copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit against 129 named defendants, the Office of Clerk of Court issued several SUBPOENAs to the attorneys who did initially appear:


All of those initial attorneys refused to produce valid licenses to practice law in the State of California:





One of them tried to argue his way out of the requirements imposed on him by Sections 6067 and 6068 of the California Business and Professions Code (CBPC): I carefully refuted his claims as follows:





2. What, if any responses have been received by the CA BAR, et al., or Secretary of the Treasury?


There is presently no lawful Secretary of the Treasury, because both Geithner and Lew have turned up with COUNTERFEIT credentials:












Later, we served The State Bar of California with a comprehensive SUBPOENA, and their correspondence was promptly REFUSED for failing to produce ANY valid certificates of oath that must be indorsed upon the back of all licenses to practice law.


The folder containing the documents related to that SUBPOENA is here:





3. Is there any lawful court which could hear the matter of the unlicensed attorneys practicing "as if" in California; is this not a massive conspiracy of collusion? What is the evidence that would compel a lawful proceeding -- OR, are the facts, as entered, a default admission of guilt by virtue of failure to respond?


Because the entire "legal system" in California appears to be compromised by these numerous impostors, many of whom have infiltrated both State and Federal Courts, it's nearly impossible to commence an impartial proceeding anywhere in the State of California.


Yes, it is a massive conspiracy -- chiefly to infringe rights guaranteed by the Constitution, such as the Oath of Office Clause as implemented by several State and Federal statutes e.g. 4 U.S.C. 101, 5 U.S.C. 3331, etc.


The evidence is the failure by all 200,000+ "members" to produce ANY evidence of a complete, valid license to practice law; after doing this investigation for NINE YEARS, we received ONE-HALF of one such license, and it was the front side only, not the back side where the certificate of oath must be "indorsed": "in dorso" in Latin means "on the back" as when indorsing a standard bank check:




Notice the huge overlap between missing licenses and the Federal "robes"

in California who are directly affected -- because they were also registered

as "members" of The State Bar of California:





Later, we confronted all California Appellate Court and California Supreme Court "robes" and they ALL failed to produce valid licenses, even though they too were also registered as "members":





4. What are the procedures already in place to recall "damaged FRNs", please elaborate on where this action would originate, and the proposed mechanism (i.e. recall of outstanding notes, replacement of present fiat notes).


(re: http://supremelaw.org/cc/bep/memo.recall.program.htm)?


U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C., assisted by Federal law enforcement officers e.g. Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, etc.


My Proposal to the Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing gets into some of the functional details which we believe would make this recall simple and straightforward:





And, here is a template letter which Americans can write and send to their State Governors:





A worldwide recall of all FRNs has more than symbolic value because Americans are presently required to pay interest on all FRNs in circulation; however, those interest payments are now legally BARRED by the AUTOMATIC STAY authorized by 11 U.S.C. 362 and the DECLARATION OF INSOLVENCY filed by the United States ex rel. in a U.S. Bankruptcy Court here:





All Federal Reserve Banks are presently IN CONTEMPT of that AUTOMATIC STAY:





5. Where can one find a record of the filing of the United States Declaration of Insolvency? What entity is represented as "bankrupt": the de jure Constitutional united States of America, or the corporation known as UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, domiciled in Washington, D.C.?


See above for a link to the DECLARATION OF INSOLVENCY etc.


The bankrupt entity is the "United States" i.e. the Federal Government domiciled in Washington, D.C., with standing to sue and be sued conferred by 28 U.S.C. 1345 and 1346.


The "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" did incorporate twice as such in Delaware, but both corporations were subsequently revoked by the Delaware Secretary of State; also, neither corporation ever registered to do business in any of the other States where we checked:


http://www.supremelaw.org/sos/ (e.g. New York = locus of The Conspiracy)




There is a lot of mythology circulating on the Internet claiming -- falsely -- that the Federal government is a corporation; we refuted that myth numerous times already e.g.:




... and quite formally here at the U.S. Court of Appeals:





6. What is the standing of present fiat bankers and their Federal Reserve Shell Corp's, acting "as if" legal guarantors of the present currency? Does the formation of State banks effectively end the Federal Reserve System, and return legitimate power to the BOE? What is the role of the U.S. Treasury, which is, my understanding, is also a PRIVATE CORPORATION?


They are in contempt of the AUTOMATIC STAY invoked formally at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Washington (State), and they are also implicated in a conspiracy to engage in a pattern of racketeering activities, due in large part to all of the fraud which their collection agency -- the IRS -- has been committing via fraudulent enforcement of a "liability" for IRC subtitle A which does NOT exist, as a matter of FACT:







Even if it were a de jure service, bureau, office or other subdivision of the U.S. Department of the Treasury -- the one domiciled in Washington, D.C. -- the IRS would STILL have no authority to create a tax liability solely by means of Regulations published in the Federal Register: see Commissioner v. Acker:






IRS is now what was left over of "The Untouchables" after alcohol Prohibition was repealed by the Twenty-First Amendment: see U.S. v. Constantine.


Prohibition was secretly financed by the petroleum cartel, in order to perfect a monopoly in automotive fuels.



7. What is the proposed backing of any such currency issued through the State Banks by the BOE? Would there be a movement to asset-based currency, i.e. precious metals/commodity backed money, vs. the present toxic system of recycled debt notes churned through the financial markets at home and abroad?


The recall program we have proposed should be viewed as an "interim" measure, until such time as all circulating U.S. Notes can be redeemed in gold or silver specie.


We anticipate a simple Act of Congress which renders them redeemable as soon as the Treasury of the United States can execute such redemptions with a realistic guarantee of performance.


FRNs have been redeemable for a long time, but the Federal Reserve Banks have flatly refused to honor the laws which render FRNs redeemable.


Dr. Edwin J. Vieira, Jr. explained the importance of redemption in this lecture, which I transcribed and edited with his permission:





8. What is the enforcement mechanism for the collection of the $8.6 TRILLION funds from the named parties? Would we expect to see movements to protect assets, utilize off-shore shelters, or any types of "legal dodge" to prevent seizure of assets, and how would this be addressed?


This is where things get very sticky, because of the intense politics associated with the funds embezzled from the Pentagon.


You should know that my office has already requested the Joint Chiefs of Staff to pursue the passenger manifest of the full El Al Boeing 747 that departed JFK at 4:11 PM on 9/11/2001, destination David Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv: that jet appeared to be the "getaway vehicle" for a plane full of 9/11 co-conspirators: its departure was assisted by U.S. Military ground crews in violation of the grounding order issued earlier that day by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta.


In the main, a large chunk of funds disappeared when $2.3 TRILLION USD were embezzled from the Pentagon prior to 9/11/2001:


The forensic accountants who were reconstructing that crime were housed in offices adjacent to the Naval Command Center, most of those accountants perished on 9/11, and much of their evidence was intentionally destroyed by the hit on the Pentagon.


Nevertheless, not all such evidence was destroyed, and my office "followed the money" long enough to identify one key suspect and his Principal:




When both he and his Principal fell silent, that INVOICE went into DEFAULT.



The funds payable by all 200,000 California State Bar members can come from their professional liability insurance contracts; or, if some of them failed to maintain such liability insurance, the $9 Million will need to be paid from their private estates.


If they can't pay that amount from their private estates, then they can go to Federal prison: that's how the United States views the $9 Million liability owed to the U.S. Treasury by each of those 200,000 "members" who never had valid licenses to practice law.


The $60,000 Management Fee payable to me by each such "member" is negotiable: for example, I can anticipate selling my right to one such amount to someone who has already been damaged by one of those UNlicensed attorneys.


Just today, for example, an article published in the Washington Post disclosed a predatory attorney who is using foreclosure proceedings on struggling Americans, after paying their overdue property taxes in the District of Columbia:


Since he never had a license to practice law in California, the parties he has damaged now have a lot of leverage to apply against him, e.g. for mail fraud, wire fraud, and bank fraud.


It may be wise for me to "assign" each $60,000 account receivable to one or more of such damaged parties, for a modest handling fee e.g. $500. Even that amount is negotiable, depending on the damaged parties' ability to pay that amount.


I understand that some of this predator's victims were forced from their homes!



9. Please explain your role as the Manager of the triple damage multiplier funds, and how you would interface with the BEP, U.S. Treasury, and State Banks. Also, what time table would we expect in the adoption of your proposals through the remaining 49 states, upon adoption by the initial State Bank? Does this require new legislation to implement across multiple States?


No one was doing anything about the $2.3 TRILLION USD which Donald Rumsfeld admitted was missing, at a Pentagon Press Conference on 9/10/2001 (the day before 9/11).


As part of the pro bono work I did for U.S. Coast Guard Investigations in San Diego, we investigated many facets of that mass murder:


one of those facets was the motive for hitting the Naval Command Center in the manner with which it was attacked: the hit on the WTC triggered an emergency meeting of Naval Commanders at the Naval Command Center, and they were sitting ducks for the incoming AGM's depleted uranium warhead, and heavily modified A-3 Skywarrior filled with TNT and jet fuel, that both crashed into those offices in the Pentagon's "E" Ring.


So, I stepped in as Private Attorney General legally representing the United States "ex rel." -- as I have done previously many times.



There are ways in which Israel's debt to the United States could be "monetized" e.g. by way of forgiving major portions of that debt, in exchange for selling convertible bonds in open markets at major stock exchanges, like the New York Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, New Zealand Stock Exchange, etc.


When I wrote to the S.E.C. with this idea, they ignored my letters, and so did the Washington State Attorney General's office:





I have written up a rudimentary demonstration of how that "monetizing" could be implemented, but to date the numbers I've used -- as example cash flows -- are not readily understood by the average American.


If you wanted to do some homework on this concept, Google "convertible bonds" and/or "convertible debentures".



Although your question about timetables is excellent, I have no particular timetables in mind, at this time.


And, yes, we do anticipate needing additional legislation, particularly in States where no State Banks are currently operating.


For example, I have no personal need for all of the funds that would be credited to my own private account in each State Bank. And, for that reason, I intend to work with State Government officials and State Bank officials to identify the most beneficial ways to utilize all that money for the public good.



10. How would the "average American" benefit from your proposal, and what actions would be required to educate the "public", to advance acceptance of this new system?


Lots of ways, and actually too many to enumerate here, or to mention here.


Average Americans need to understand that:


(a)         they have no legal obligation to pay Federal income taxes;


(b)         interest payments have been payable on all FRNs in circulation;


(c)         the AUTOMATIC STAY now prohibits the FED banks from collecting any more of those interest payments;


(d)         compensating Federal employees with United States Notes will provide a functional vehicle by which FRNs can be "driven out" of circulation, in conjunction with a well advertised government program of recalling all FRNs during a reasonable transition period;


(e)         a lot of education will be required, and you are already demonstrating excellent leadership by airing an open discussion about all of these issues;


(f)          if Americans will focus on replacing all FRNs with U.S. Notes, along with that focus they can and should understand that halting a substantial amount of interest payments on the Federal debt will help the entire economy in major ways;


(g)         there are a multitude of second- and third-order effects such as voiding all currently recorded NOTICES OF FEDERAL TAX LIEN because none of those was ever preceded by procedurally proper ASSESSMENTS -- due chiefly to the absence of any liability STATUTE; IRS cannot satisfy IRC section 6065 without committing FELONY perjury!


(h)         ultimately, this Proposal contemplates total abolition of the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service, at the same time: I doubt that the average American will oppose abolition of the IRS, but the need to abolish the Federal Reserve System at the same time will need further explanation:


There are plenty of good resources which already explain the need to abolish the FED: cf. Bill Still's work on YouTube, as one excellent example; there are many other good examples e.g.:





I hope this helps.



Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964(a)


Criminal Investigator and Federal Witness: 18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13




On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 12:11 AM, Ken O'Keefe wrote:


Excellent, would love to come to this.


Let me ask you something Paul:


Bill Still (of Money Masters fame), has written a piece saying that executive order 11110 did not actually threaten the Federal Reserve at all, that it was rather inconsequential.




I do not want to believe this really, but I just wonder if Bill Still has got this wrong and if you have an opinion of what he says?


Either way Kennedy was a changed man after the Cuban Missile Crisis and had pissed off Israel (Rothschild's bankers) in more than one way.






Many thanks, Ken.

There is a lot of debate about JFK's EO 11110, and I'd need to review the specific language of each authority which Bill Still is citing, before I could answer your excellent question properly:


For an opposite argument, please see this:




In some ways, that Executive Order is similar to a red herring, which causes many people to overlook the forest for the trees.

I think you and your many contacts will do a lot better to study this next excellent presentation, because it does a very good job of simplifying the obvious and deliberate complexity which surrounds the FED:




also here:




I believe I have identified at least one path to a monetary system that does NOT charge interest on our currency. And, yes, that path necessarily stops any and all future interest payments to a private banking cartel bent on damaging America.


The steps I've proposed are relatively simple and straightforward, by design, because they can be easily understood by most Americans and implemented without enormous disruptions to the entire fiscal and monetary system.


Whether or not JFK increased or limited the supply of United States Notes with one of his Executive Orders, is of little consequence now, except for its historical significance.



It is the prior existence of United States Notes which is the KEY HISTORICAL POINT here, and there is no reason of which I am aware why the Bureau of Engraving and Printing cannot resume issuance of such currency -- in the manner and using the procedures I have proposed.


If they can print U.S. Bonds, they can print U.S. Notes.


Brother Nathanael also has a brief but accurate video which emphasizes this same point.


Mine is a policy-level proposal: recall all FRNs and exchange all FRNs for United States Notes, establish 50 State Banks, and "prime the pumps" with $12 Billion United States Notes divided equally among those 50 State Banks ($240 Million each) as an advance on our Management Fee shown on the INVOICE to The State Bar of California and its 200,000+ "members":




This "advance" means that the U.S. Treasury can then charge statutory interest on that amount, instead of leaving that $12 Billion as payable to me, with interest payable to me.


I am told that California law now permits pre-judgment interest of 10%, but we are showing only 7% simple interest on that INVOICE (see above).


How that $240 Million in each State Bank is spent will be decided with the input and cooperation of State Government officials and State Bank officials in each of the 50 States.


The Bureau of Engraving and Printing already has established procedures for destroying "damaged" currency. We execute those same procedures with all FRNs that are surrendered to BEP, chiefly because those FRNs will NOT be conveyed to any FED banks once the recall program is operational.



I hope this helps.


And, many thanks for your concern and support.




Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964



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