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Contact Information

  • If you have questions on how to sign up for service: call the Fox Internet Sales Office at 1-800-301-FOX1
  • If you have a non-urgent tech support question: e-mail support@foxinternet.net
  • If you have an urgent tech support question: call the Fox Internet office at 253-946-6545, 425-649-2424, 206-448-8810, 253-942-9180
  • If you have a question about setting up a Web page at Fox: call the Tech Support office at 253-946-6545, 425-649-2424, 206-448-8810, 253-942-9180 - DO NOT e-mail webmaster
  • If you have a non-urgent account or billing question: send e-mail to admin@foxinternet.net
  • If you have an urgent account or billing question: call the administration office at 425-562-2900
  • If you have a miscellaneous comment about the design or organization of Fox Internet Web pages: e-mail webmaster@foxinternet.net
  • If you would like a UseNet News group added to our news feed: e-mail newsmaster@foxinternet.net
  • Online Help is available via the ProStar Plus BBS and our Online Pro-Reps

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Fox Internet Office Hours



(General company related questions)

Monday -thru- Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: Fox Business Offices Closed
Sunday: Fox Business Offices Closed


SALES OFFICES 1-800-301-3691


Monday -thru- Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: Fox Sales Offices Closed
Sunday: Fox Sales Offices Closed


TECHNICAL SUPPORT OFFICES (253)946-6545, (425)649-2424, (206)448-8810, (253)942-9180

(Fox Internet hardware and software related questions)

Scott Kindorf - Network Operations Chief/PC Specialist

Jay Peninger - Webmaster / Mac Specialist

Doug C. - MacPak Sales & Design/Mac Specialist

Jeff Cummings - Network Development / PC Specialist
Chuck Ahrens - Mac Specialist / Quickstart Technician

Eric Carter - PC Specialist / Quickstart Technician

Monday -thru- Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 3pm
Sunday: Tech Support is closed

The Fox Internet staff is available to answer your calls during the regular business hours listed on this page. If you call after hours please leave a detailed message on our digital voice attendant so that we may return your call as soon as possible.
When leaving a message please include Real Name, UserID, Phone #, Computer Type, and Short Description of Problem. Your call will be processed much faster if you take these steps.
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Fox Internet Access Numbers

Fox Communications
13400 NE 20th Suite 28
Bellevue WA 98005

Fox Internet Phone Directory


800-301-FOX1 - Sales Line

(253) 946-6545 - Technical Support Lines
(206) 649-2424
(206) 448-8810
(253) 942-9180
(800) 341-9011 - Fax Machine


(206) 777-1180 - Main Line
(206) 777-1180 - North Seattle
(206) 926-8187 - Pierce County
(206) 735-0506 - Enumclaw (Auburn / Black Diamond)
(206) 672-1973 - Everett
(206) 603-9009 - East (Issaquah / North Bend)

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ProStar Plus Credit Purchases

ProStar Plus credits are sold at the OfficeMax stores located below. Just walk up to the Customer Service Desk and tell them you wish to purchase some ProStar Plus credits.

OfficeMax Stores
OfficeMax - Bellevue
OfficeMax - Tacoma
OfficeMax - Federal Way
OfficeMax - Olympia
OfficeMax - Lynnwood
OfficeMax - Seattle
OfficeMax - Tukwila
OfficeMax - Kirkland
OfficeMax - Everett

Monday - Friday
8 am - 9 pm
9 am - 9 pm
11 am - 6 pm

Additional places to purchase credits
The Out to Lunch Deli
3702 West Valley Hwy. #206
Auburn, WA 98001

Monday - Friday
6 am - 4 pm
Saturday - Sunday

NOTE: The OfficeMax stores, as well as The Out to Lunch Deli, ONLY sell credits. They do not handle the monthly accounts, adult forms or credit card forms. They are NOT representatives of ProStar Plus. If you wish to purchase a monthly account you should contact the Fox Internet Administration Office at 941-8895

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Personal Web Page Directories

If you have a monthly account and wish to have a personal web directory created please contact our Technical Support Offices at: 253-946-6545, 425-649-2424, 206-448-8810

1. Personal Websites are just that, FOR PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. You may NOT transact business from this site, advertise your business or another business.

NOTE: The above is Effective 10/1/96. Previous sites, if a business is advertised may continue to do so.

2. You are limited to 5 megabytes of storage MAXIMUM. You must keep your storage below this limit It is your responsibility to monitor this. Sites will be closed with no warning if you exceed 5 megs. Additional space may be obtained for small monthly fee by contacting the Webmaster at 206-946-6545.

3. Just like when you rent an apt, you simply rent the space. We cannot offer support other than how to access your site. You are responsible for the creation of pages and their functionality. Web creation support is available at our normal consulting fee of $40 per hour. We will create your directory and provide access ID's and passwords.

4. You must have a monthly membership (NetStar/FoxI, NetStar Plus/FoxPlus, Educator) to have a personal web page. If you cancel your monthly and go back to hourly, your page will be closed.

5. You may NOT FOR ANY REASON host another persons web page, except for a direct family member. There will be no exceptions to this rule for any reason.

6. For security reasons, we do not allow for the usage of CGI scripts within a personal web site. ActiveX and Java apps are fine, but you are responsible for their construction and support.

7. NO Sexually Explicit photos or messages may be posted on our servers. You may link to as many adult oriented sites as you wish, but content MAY NOT be stored in your directory. NO commercial software may be stored without the express written consent of the copyright holder of the software. We require a copy of any permissions you may receive. Software programs that you may have written cannot be offered for download in a personal web site. Commercial sites are available for that purpose. NO illegal items such as pirated software, cracks, hacks, etc. can be stored. Anyone violating copyright laws will be reported to the proper agencies. We will cooperate in any prosecution of software pirates. Encrypted software, files, etc. may not be stored on any Fox/ProStar Server.

8. We reserve the right to inspect anything stored on our servers to confirm compliance with the above. No information on any Fox/ProStar Server should be deemed private. We reserve the right to refuse the creation of or to close any site for any reason, not limited to the above rules. Fox Internet is not responsible for any losses or damages pertaining to the lack of access to or the removal or your personal web site and its contents.

Personal web sites are a fun way to get yourself noted out there in cyberspace. We offer a wide variety of business solutions if you and your business want to reap the rewards of the great exposure available to you on the World Wide Web.

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