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Posted by joe on January 07, 1998 at 07:11:40:

In Reply to: Re: Paul Mitchell: There is 2nd witness to Constitution posted by Committee for Original Intent on December 29, 1997 at 23:57:35:

Dear fellow Americans,

If you have a "bulk e-mail" program, or are willing to buy one, you should mail
this to as many people as you can. It's your Patriotic Duty !

2 Retired IRS Agents "EXPOSE" the income tax scam.

We are 2 retired IRS Agents and we have witnessed the IRS defrauding
Americans for many years. It is destroying the freedoms of ALL
Americans. It "MUST STOP" and it is now time to expose this fraud to ALL

We challenge you to ask ANY IRS Agent to show you a Statute that
"REQUIRES" Americans to FILE Income Tax. They cannot find it. There is
NO LAW that makes ANY American "liable" or "subject" to pay or file
Income Tax. IRS fraud expert, Irwin Schiff 702-877-2833 offers a $5000
award to anyone who can find such a statute.

Bill Conklin from Denver offers a $50,000 reward. His phone number
is 303-455-0837, in case you can find such a Statute. His web site is
www.anti-irs.com He also offers a "free book" about the IRS that you
can download and print up.

The IRS has for many years used Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Implementing and Enforcement Regulations (Title 27) to "ENFORCE" the
Federal Income Tax (Title 26) and has used the ATF Regulations to
fraudulently take homes and bank accounts away from Americans.
Because the Income Tax is voluntary and un-Constitutional, the IRS
Code has NO Enforcement Regulations! So in order to BLUFF Americans
into paying Income Tax, the IRS uses Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Implementing Regulations to force and to defraud all Americans into
paying Income tax that they are not required to pay.

The IRS is DEFRAUDING ALL Americans and is bankrupting and impoverishing
America by "GIVING" all our Income Tax payments to the Federal Reserve
Bank in payment for the "PHONY' Federal Debt. Look on the back of each
and every check of Income Tax payment you have ever paid to the IRS.
With the stamp shown below,the IRS has signed over ALL your Income Tax
Payments to the Federal Reserve bank. YOUR INCOME TAX IS NOT USED TO RUN
OUR GOVERNMENT. This fraud will BANKRUPT America.

The IRS has been defrauding Americans for many years. The IRS has even
sent ALL your Social Security payments to the Federal Reseve Bank. Go
check it out for yourself and then you will know FOR SURE that we are
telling the TRUTH.


Pay any F.R.B. Branch or Gen. Depository
for credit U.S. Treas. This is in payment
of US. oblig; Must be paid in par N.P.
Do not wire none-payment.20-09-0900
Dir.I.R.S. CTR. Kansas City, Missoury.

The Federal Reserve Bank IS NOT a Federal bank, but is a private Bank
owned by FOREIGN BANKERS who do not pay Income tax! Rothchild, (London),
Lazard Bros. (Paris), Israel Seiff, (Italy), Kuhn-Loeb-Warburg,Lehman-Goldman-Sachs-Rockefeller, (New York). In fact, the Federal
Reserve Bank has NEVER EVER been audited. Your Phone book PROVES that it
is not a Federal Bank. They are listed in the Yellow Pages with all the
other "PRIVATE BANKS." They put "Federal" in their name to deceive
WE Americans. The Federal Reserve Bank is draining the American economy
with the "phony" Income Tax.


The Federal Reserve Bank is destroying America! America "WAS" the
richest nation on earth, until 1913, when the Federal Reserve Bank was
created by foreign Bankers. This was passed in Congress on Christmas
"EVE" 1913, when most Congressmen had gone home for Christmas. It was
passed by Un-American Congressmen, who had been paid-off and bribed by
the wealthy foreign bankers.

Now America is bankrupt with a $6 Trillion phony Federal debt, because
EVERY single dollar in circulation has been "BORROWED" from the Federal
Reserve Bank. The US Treasury prints our money and then "sells" it to
the Federal Reserve Bank for the printing cost. The US Treasury then
borrows it back and then we the people pay interest on the "FACE VALUE"
of our money to the Federal Reserve Bank with our Income Tax payments to
pay for the "PHONY" debt. This is the BIGGEST FRAUD in US history. This
is a deliberate and planned bankruptcy to destroy America. Governments
are the creators of money, and should not have to borrow it from a
foreign private Bank.

Congressman Louis T. Mc Fadden, Chairman House Banking said..."The
Federal Reserve Bank CAUSED the Great Depression by DELIBERATELY
witholding money out of circulation"...Congressional Record May 23,1933.
After 3 attempts on his life, Mc Fadden was poisoned at a banquet! Can
you guess who killed him? They steal and plunder from America, but they
even kill Americans.

Congress has been lying to you because it is mathematically impossible to
pay off the debt or balance the budget with "BORROWED MONEY". President
Woodrow Wilson confessed on his deathbed that he committed TREASON
against ALL Americans. The Federal Reserve Bank will soon force America
into bankruptcy when the interest on the debt has become un-payable.
This will cause an economic collapse. This is when our corrupt
Government will bring in the "New World Order" and we will be ruled by
the United Nations. We will then lose our freedoms and

We have already lost our Constitution and Common Law in the US Courts.
All US Courts are now under Maritime Military Law with the New World
Order, "Gold Fringed US Flag" (Army Regulations 260-10) "displayed" in
every US Courtroom with a conviction rate of 97.3%. All US Judges have
perjured their Oath to uphold the Constitution and are in CONTEMPT of the
Constitution. Just seek the protection of the Constitution and the Judge
will tell you to "shut up and sit down". This could NEVER happen in a
Common Law Court.

All US Banks also display the Gold Fringed Flag. Many US Police Officers
are starting to wear a gold fringed flag patch on their uniforms.
Millions of Americans "unknowingly" pledge allegiance to the "Gold
Fringed New World Order Flag" at schools, churches and scout meetings.


Henry Kissinger said, Nafta and Gatt are the major stepping stones
towards the New World Order. Nafta and Gatt caused 28.6% unemployment in
Clay County, Tennessee. In 3 years Nafta has cost Americans over 700,000
jobs and more to come! Congress has "SOLD OUT AMERICA.! By the way,
what ever happened to the "CONTRACT WITH AMERICA?" How can they forget
so easy?

America's Founding Fathers formed our Government to SERVE WE THE PEOPLE
and to give us "FREEDOM". Our Government has defrauded WE THE PEOPLE and
has turned this around and now ALL Americans are ENSLAVED by our
Government by working 5 months EVERY YEAR to pay the Phony Income Tax.
That should make you "MAD AS HELL. Read on and you'll get even MADDER.

Our Constitution, Section 9 reads......"No direct Tax shall be laid".
This has NEVER been repealed. IT IS STILL LAW. The Income Tax is a
Constitutional violation. The IRS Code, Title 26 has NEVER been enacted
by Congress into POSITIVE LAW. The proof is in the inside cover of all
Titles of US Codes at your local Library. Section 7401 of Title 26
claims that the IRS does not have the power to lien, levy or seize
property WITHOUT a Court Order. The IRS NEVER uses Court Orders.

"Notice of Levy" or Lien is just that, a notice, THERE IS NO ACTUAL

Americans, you need to challenge the IRS when they try to take your
property or bank account away from you without a Court Order.
Without a Court Order they DO NOT HAVE JURISDICTION to take ANYTHING.

The IRS has been illegally stealing and plundering from Americans
for decades. It is a known fact among IRS Agents that the IRS
is responsible for over 500 suicides per month, over half the divorces
and 3/4 of the bankruptcies.


The proof....IRS Agents cars DO NOT have Government EX-empt License
Plates! Most IRS Agents have no clue why. Plus.....the IRS puts
32 Cents Postage on ALL their mail. All Government Agencies get
"FREE" license plates and "FREE" postage. Why not the IRS?
IRS Agents don't even know why. Most of them have no clue.

Many years ago the Telephone Company "gave" the IRS a Government
listing, because of many complaints from people who could not find them
in the phone book. The IRS was created through a Puerto Rico Trust and
is no more Federal than the Federal Express! As a private Corporation,
the IRS is NOT registered to do business in ANY State! Without a Business
License, by Law they cannot legally be engaged in business. A "heavy
graduated Income Tax" is the Second Plank of the Communist Manifesto by
Karl Marx 1848! Income Tax is the very core of Communism.

The IRS is only a collection Agency for the EVIL Federal Reserve Bank.
The US Tax Court is located in Washington, DC. and has NO branches in ANY
State! This is because the IRS ONLY has Jurisdiction (Authority) in the
District of Columbia. Challenge their Jurisdiction and refuse to pay
their $60 filing fee and your case will be DISMISSED. They only have
Jurisdiction "IF" you pay the filing fee, because then you have entered
into their arena.

Many IRS publications and IRS Agents handbooks claim that the Income Tax
is VOLUNTARY. The word "mandantory" cannot be found in the IRS Code,
Title 26. Why do you voluntarily pay Income Tax? Nowhere in the IRS
can you find a Statute that says that ALL Americans are required to pay
Income Tax........NOWHERE!

The US Supreme Court has ruled in Flora vs. USA 362 U.S.145. that the
Income Tax is VOLUNTARY. They ruled that..."Our Tax system is based upon
voluntary assessment and payment, NOT upon distraint" (Force). Tax
liability does not appear on the 1040 Form and is not "defined" ANYWHERE
in the IRS Code.

Every Statute says, "IF YOU ARE LIABLE" then you have to do this and do
that. They also state that, "if you have a Taxable year"....."IF" means
that YOU have to determine IF.... So if you determine that you are Liable
and that IF you determine that you have a Taxable year, then you can
"voluntear to pay Income Tax. If you determine that you are not liable
or that you do not have a Taxable year, you are not "REQUIRED" to pay
the Tax.

It is "YOU" who determines that you are liable by voluntarily filing a
1040 Form. Americans make themselves liable by filing Income Tax. If
you don't file, you're not liable. Off course the IRS will try to
"bluff" you into filing by sending you phony enforcement letters,
with 32 Cent Stamps on it, quoting ATF Enforcement Statutes and

Before you stop filing, to give you piece of mind, we suggest you
place all your assets in a Trust. Your assets should be in a Trust
anyway for all kinds of circumstances and protection. If you have
no assets, no sweat. Then claim 9 dependents and stop filing and paying
Income Tax. Then wisely invest the money saved and then retire in
style as a millionaire. Then you will not need Social UN-Security.

The IRS Code, Title 26, only applies to Tax payers and NOT to NON-Tax
payers. Always respond to their letters with this statement and tell
them they have no Jurisdiction over you. This is called "THE BIGGEST
INCOME TAX LOOPHOLE". In fact that this the name of a book by Otto
Skinner. $45. P.O.Box 6609, San Pedro, Ca. 90734. This is one of the
best books on the Income Tax. Plainly said...."the Income Tax Laws DO
NOT apply to you if you do not file a 1040 Return, because you are not
a Tax payer". If you are not a Tax payer, you are not liable for the Tax.


When you sign the 1040 Form under penalties of "PERJURY", you waive your
Fifth Amendment Rights, which state that you CANNOT be compelled to give
"POTENTIALLY" incriminating evidence against yourself. This makes the
Income Tax Un-Constitutional. They get away with this by declaring that
the income tax is "voluntary". This is why the IRS Code Statutes
say..."If you are liable"... Because if you pay Income Tax, you
volunteer to pay. When you volunteer, then you make yourself liable.

The Fourth and Fifth Ammendment of the Bill of Rights give you the right
to "refuse" to show your records during an audit. Only if you
voluntarily show your records, can the IRS Agent audit them. Americans,
STOP VOLUNTEERING anything the IRS asks you to do. They have absolutely
No Jurisdiction and Authority over you.


In 1991, the IRS reported that there were 163 Million Taxpayers. In a
seperate report they claimed they received 111 Million Tax filings for
that year. That is 52 Million that do not file Income tax. IRS
Commissioner Peggy Richardson claimed in 1991 that one out of five has
stopped paying Income Tax and that the Tax revolt is growing. None of
them are in jail. Only a handfull is in jail because they yielded to IRS
jurisdiction. In fact, you can only go to jail for falsifying Income Tax
Returns, when you sign the 1040 Form under penalties of perjury. If you
don't file, they DO NOT have jurisdiction. Without Jurisdiction they
have no Case.

If they take you to Court,DO NOT HIRE A LAWYER. A Lawyer is an Officer
of the Court and he will argue the Case for you because that is how he
earns money. REFUSE to enter the Court and stay BEHIND the little fence
and challege their Jurisdiction and DO NOT EVER argue the case. Once you
argue the case, then you have yielded to their Jusrisdiction.

Become educated and eliminate fear of the IRS. Order the book "Economic
Solutions" $8.95. Quality Press. 2888 Bluff Street. Suite 315. Boulder,
Colorado. Also order "IRS under Indictment" and learn how to legally
stop paying Income Tax. Advantage Publishing 1-916-222-4684.

Devvy Kidd, 12453 West Baltic Ave. Lakewood, Colorado 80228, also has
very infomative books. Write her for a brochure!

Senator Henry Belmon in 1969 said....If Tax payers EVER discover that the
IRS operates on 90% bluff, the entire system will collapse. Before 1940
there was no Income Tax. To finance World War ll, we paid a VICTORY TAX,
which was repealed in 1944. Why are Americans still paying this VICTORY
TAX? It is because Americans are COMPLACENT and have fear of the IRS,
because the IRS has cleverly made Americans think that they are required
to pay Tax.

Order Irwin Schiff's book, "The Federal Mafia" $25 from Freedom Books,
Post Office Box 5326, Evansville, IN. 47716. This book is also a MUST.
Irwin will show you that....No law requires you to file Income Tax
returns! No law requires you to pay Income Taxes. No law requires you
to keep books for Income Tax purposes. No law authorizes the IRS to
audit you. No law authorizes employers to withold Tax from wages. Talk
to Irwin about your Tax problem at 1-702-877-2833. Become educated and
order his video's and audio cassettes. He can be found on the internet.
His Web site is http:/www.ischiff.com If you have a computer, enter
patriot, tax fraud, IRS fraud, etc, on your Search Engines and learn
more of what we have been telling you in this letter.


President Ronald Reagan, May 1983.... "Our Federal Tax system is, in
short, utterly impossible, utterly unjust and completely counter
productive. It reeks with injustice and is fundamentally UN-American!
It has earned a rebellion, and it is time we rebelled.


The IRS has admitted that repairs required to make their computers year
2000 compliant are IMPOSSIBLE to do. All IBM Mainframes will interpret
the abreviation "00" to mean 1900 instead of 2000. This will wipe out
ALL IRS Income Tax histories. This is a "gift" to all Americans from all
the early computer programmers. The time is NOW to stop filing Income

Eliminate the IRS out of your life, explained on 2 video's,$40.
702-853-2342. IRS Jurisdiction investigated,$25, on video,
call 801-377-0570. Weekly Newspaper "The Spotlight" exposes
Government fraud. 1-800-522-6292. Their web site is

Congress MUST SAVE AMERICA and abolish the "GESTAPO" IRS, Federalize the
Federal Reserve Bank, and throw out the foreign bankers from our money
system and start printing interest free Constitutional money. (US Notes!)
The Constitution only gives Congress the right to create our money and
NOT a private bank, run by foreigners.

Income Tax will then no longer be neccesary. Excise Tax, Tariffs and
Duties will then pay for Government. When the British Taxed the
Colonies, John Adams, John Hancock and other Patriots had the "GUTS" to
rebel against their 5% Tax with the Boston Tea Party and the American
Revolution. Our country became free because of a 5% tax. Without these
hero's we would still be paying Tax to the Queen of England. America
needs HERO'S like that again to take our wonderful country back from the

Now Federal Taxes are up to 39.6%. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. All Americans
MUST become Patriots and UNITE to restore Constitutional Government.
Massive Civil disobedience is a "proper form" of Petition for Redress of
Grievances and Political Protest. This is the ONLY way to wake up
Congress. We Americans MUST force Congress to finally END the Income Tax
scam. Imagine what your life will be like without Income Tax! You would
be living a life of luxury.


You MUST sacrifice your time and effort to help us inform other
Americans. Being complacent will not save America. Americans
have been complacent long enough. Send this message to all your
local Politicians, friends, neighbors and relatives. Also send
to your local Talk Radio's. When 100 million Americans stop filing
Income Tax, the IRS will be powerless and Congress will be forced to
stop the "phony" Income Tax.

Mark Twain..."In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man,
brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, only then
the timid join him". Our great country needs true Patriots again. Our
Government is totally out of control. Our Government was created to
serve We The People. Now we Americans have become the slaves and
servants of our Government. Americans are not free anymore.

Our Government forces all Americans to obtain a permit or a license to do
ANYTHING. Without these Permits and Licenses we would be breaking the
Law. WHAT KIND OF FREEDOM IS THAT? Licenses and Permits are used to
control us and to steal money from us. Our Government has taken away our
basic God given freedoms! Our Government has TOTAL control over American.

If you want to be free again, we Americans need to overthrow the MOST
corrupt Agency first and that is the IRS.

As retired IRS Agents we learned long ago about IRS and Federal Reserve
fraud. Because we love America, we MUST expose the IRS Monster we have
worked for. It is YOUR Patriotic DUTY to help us spread this news to ALL

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